Parachute Advanced Tender Coconut Hair Oil

Marico is an Indian company producing consumer products, mainly Health and Beauty products. Marico has launched a new product in the light hair oil segment – Parachute Advanced Tender Coconut Hair Oil.

This light hair oil is suitable for college girls and working women who need to nourish their hair and also maintain a bouncy and lively look. It is not sticky and thick like the old fashioned hair oils. It keeps the hair looking attractive and recently-shampooed.

Apart from coconut oil from fresh green coconuts, the other ingredients that go into the making of this oil are 97% of mustard oil, 20% of vegetable oil that includes sunglower oil, mineral oil, Panthenyl Acetate and Vitamin E Acetate. The product claims to protect the hair from split ends, frizz and dryness.

The reviews of the product show the users’ approval for the oil. People having dry hair have experienced joyfully freedom from frizz. It also gives the hair a healthy shine and the sheen of the damaged hair is gradually restored with every application.

However there are some disadvantages associated with this product. The scalp does not absorb the oil properly which prevents its benefits from being noticeable. For people with oily scalp this might result in clogging or pores. The oil prevents the passing of air and moisture through the pores. Many users had expected a mild coconut fragrance but they were with the perfume scent that was felt obviously artificial.

Some people prefer to use it as serum rather than going for a proper massage chumpi.
However the product is reasonably priced at Rs45 for a 100ml bottle and Rs85 for a 200ml bottle.

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