Pair Your Bag With Purpose and Not Just With Outfits

Somehow including pockets seems to slip off the minds of every designer as we women have to carry bags all the time. But it is fun, isn’t it? Flaunting our fancy bags as we sashay down the streets! But most often we find ourselves in a dilemma not knowing which bag to choose. We try to match bags with the outfit and forget the purpose. You can’t carry a backpack to a dinner date just because the colours match. Here are a few tips to help you pair your bags with their purposes.



If you are wearing formal attire or for work/office purposes, handbags are the best options. They can carry everything you will need for the day and also help you look professional and classy. If you have to carry a laptop as well, you can find bags that fit it or else carry it separately in a designer case of its own. There are a lot of beautiful, cute and colourful laptop skins available now, so you can easily find one that suits you best. 

Pairing huge handbags with t-shirts, jeans and sneakers are also becoming popular nowadays. You can casually stroll in the mall and even manage to fit your purchase in your bag itself instead of carrying several shopping bags. 


If you are stepping out for a night of clubbing and hardcore partying, clutches are your best friends. Not only do they match with your party clothes, but they are easier and more efficient to carry around than a regular handbag or purse. Handbags become a burden while purses are easy to lose; you would not want to find yourself drunk and without a purse. If you are out for dinner dates, you can choose clutches as they portray a classy picture. 


Clutches suit the purpose as they can be worn around your body. They are small, weightless and hold all your essentials – phone, cash and makeup. However, make sure you buy a clutch that fits your phone. Choose shimmery clutches as they look chic and scream ‘partyyyyy’. I would go for a single shaded one, either silver, gold or black as they are easy to pair with most colours. 

Purses And Wallets

Unless you are making a quick trip to the store next door, I would not suggest you carry your purses or wallets separately. We already have a huge smartphone to deal with, and a purse will only make your task more annoying. Both your hands would be occupied all the time with really important things, and it becomes irritating after a while. To avoid this situation, always keep your purse or wallet in a bigger bag that you carry. If your date involves dinner and not much activity, you can choose purses as there are fewer chances for you to lose it. Make sure you keep a constant eye on it. 

Sling Bags

Sling bags serve multiple purposes. You can carry them to college if you have just a single or no notebook. They are easy and efficient to remove and put back things. Also, in crowded places, you can keep a close check on them and avoid any possibility of being robbed. In airports, they are the best to carry your passports and boarding passes as you will have to show them at different points. It will also make sure you don’t lose anything. 

If you are stepping out to the supermarket, movies or other routine work, sling bags serve best. Choose one which you think will go with most of your outfits. Rather than heavily designed ones, choose simple and neat bags that will pair well with both western and traditional outfits. 


Backpacks are best for school or college wherein you have a lot of notebooks and papers to carry. If you are one among those who do not carry notebooks at all to college, then you can stick to tiny backpacks that are more of a fashion statement than for holding stuff. While any type of backpack will suit for school as you will wear a basic solid uniform, make sure you don’t buy bright graphic ones for college as they might seem stupid with regular clothes. Go for single shades as they look much better and elegant. 

Backpacks are also for short road trips or vacations. Especially on a bike or car, you cannot carry suitcases of clothes, shoes and makeup. So make sure you have a backpack of a size suitable to you, that will accommodate all your necessities. 


While all bags serve one single purpose – to carry your things, they do differ according to the occasion. Make sure you have a bag that will carry everything you need till you come home again. Make sure never to overstuff your bag as it can be really messy trying to pull things out. Lipstick, tissue, cash, change, and cards, earphones, a pocket knife and mobile phone are your must-haves. It is always good to have a snack or two, or just a bar of chocolate. Carry a small water bottle as well in case of handbags or backpacks. If you will be out for a long time, carry your power bank if needed. 

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Written by Thrinethra Serman

Thrinethra is a passionate writer, obsessive binge watcher and dog lover. She loves to explore and experience new, exciting stuff and her ultimate goal is to travel the world and share her stories. "The only thing you need to remember is this, 'YOLO', so don't let anyone or anything stop you from chasing your dreams".

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