Best healthy office snacks for working women

All of us spend long hours in office and it’s a second home for most of us.Busy day,presentations,meeting & monthly targets is a regular routine at work.Today we are going to tell you some healthy snacking options while you are in your cabin.It’s very important to watch out your calories and avoid junk when you are in office.Here are few options which will keep you healthy and manage your calorie count even if you are working !

Soya Sticks

Soya sticks are very high in protein.They contain no fats and they are substituted to your protin count.These sticks are easily available at any grocery shop closer to your place and you can stock it in office,Soya sticks in come different flavors like spicy red,green mint,lime & chilli and they go very well with your evening tea as well.Great protein source for those who are planning to lose weight without compromising their protein requirements.Soya Sticks

Bajra Puffs

Bajra is used in every Indian tradition home for making rotis and specially consumed in winters.Bajra puffs are very healthy snacking option.These puffs come roasted,without oil and fat free.Very easy to get in any super market or store near by you.You carry a packet of it or keep it in small bottle which you carry to work.It is easily digestible.Bajra is rich in fiber content and very good for diabetics, keeping the glucose levels normal.Eating handful of Bajra puffs will keep you away from all junk food like burger and pizza in office.Bajra Puff


They say fruit in a day keeps the doctor away.It’s very important to have seasonal fruit in your everyday life. They are important components of a healthy diet. Fruits and health go together. Another way to increase fruit consumption is to bring along a fruit snack: guava, apples, pears, etc. This will also keep you way from going to the vending

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best tea you can try when you are at work.Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidant,Antioxidant help cellular decay and environmental pollution,They boost immune system,Reduce stress and facilitate weight reduction.Stock a packet of green tea in your office drawer for in between breaks.Green tea

These office snacks will control your hunger and munching them in between breaks will keep you away from all sort of junk food habits !

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Written by Bhakti D

Bhakti D MBA in HR and Finance who found her love and passion in cooking and writing. She enjoys experimenting new recipes as much as enjoy playing with her son, she also brings her expertise as a parent and a qualified professional to WSL

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