“Did NOT say there’s no respect for women in India” – Sania Mirza Clears The Air

Sania Mirza found herself embroiled in a new controversy this week after being appointed as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region. At the event of her appointment, which took place on Tuesday, the 28 year old sports woman is reported to have said that “women face discrimination and are treated like animals”.Sania Mirza

On Wednesday, she took to Twitter to clear the air and tweeted, “Just to make a couple of things very clear – I did NOT say that there is no respect for women in India..i am the ambassador for the region,”

She also added that she would never be where she is today had the country not given her all the love, but at the same time, there were millions of not so lucky women too.

“And I would never be where I am today if the country hadn’t given me all this love…but I am fortunate, very fortunate…there are milllions-of women who are less fortunate in this part of the world, and hav been victims of abuse, physical or sexual, hav not been allowed to follow their dreams cause they were a ‘girl’!” she wrote.

Many individuals also took to social media to vent out their anger towards Sania Mirza. She responded to all the hate messages in a subsequent message.

“I do believe that if I was a man, I would not hav faced certain unnecessary controversies that I did! And some language that is being used here on twitter doesn’t seem too respectful to me!! So some of u need to clean ur tongue first before wanting to claim that u respect women and people in general!”

She ended her string of responses with one final tweet.
“I hav made myself very clear..and will stand for what I believe in and address the issue of gender inequality.”

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Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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