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Not Being Paid What You Deserve? Here Is What To Do

As a working woman, you must be spending most of the time of your day working in the office. But if you realize that in spite of giving most of your time to your job, you are not being paid what you deserve, you feel demotivated. This can lead to a decrease in productivity, decline in performance and a dip in your confidence level. It is when you need to acknowledge the fact that your salary should not be a parameter to judge your self-worth. No matter how great your boss or CEO is, all they are looking is to make more money and that includes as well avoiding pay raises and even bonuses (well sometimes). Your HR would always want to retain you at the lowest possible cost to the company. So, it is not about you, it is about them.

Even if you can’t get them to increase your salary, here is what you can do to compensate for it.

Ask for more benefits

There are certain benefits that you can negotiate instead of a salary raise. You can ask for a WiFi stipend or to cover your cell phone bills since you do use your cell for office related calls. These benefits are provided by most of the companies and if your company doesn’t provide them to you, you can as well ask for them.

Ask for flexibility

When financial compensation is off the table, you can ask for work from home. It may not add anything to your salary but may save you a few bucks of the daily commute. Think about how much money you would save working from home a few days every month? Also, it would save you all that time and energy that goes into commuting to the office. You can also negotiate the timings. You might want to work 7-3 rather than 9-5. Suit yourself.

Enhance your skills

If you want to make yourself ready for future jobs or even to make yourself indispensable for the current one, you might want to learn a few more skills or to sharpen the old ones. This would not only give you an edge for promotion but also improve your prospects in future jobs.

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Written by Shubhi Singh

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