Noodles & Ladies Apparently Do Not Get Along All That Well!

Noodles, be it the fancy one at the swanky restaurant in your neighbourhood or the good ol’d instant noodles, have become a comfort food almost. While the quick 2 minute/instant ones have always been a comfort food in our country for years, the more authentic versions of the noodle broth have made their way on to the list thanks to the growing dining culture in our country.

However, ladies, your love for noodles might just turn against your own body!maggie noodles

As per a new study (the findings of which were published in The Journal of Nutrition), the food item can be quite harmful for health, especially women’s health. The study found that those who consumed noodles more than a couple of times a week had higher chances of developing heart diseases and other health problems such as Diabetes and stroke.

The truth is, there are several downsides to noodles. Not only is it high in salt, but it can often be difficult for the body to digest it too! And all these negatives seem to be taking a bigger toll on women than men, health wise. One of the reasons behind this difference could be because of the biological difference in women and men.

However, whatever the reasons behind the differences be, the end result shows a greater risk to women – something that’s clearly a cause of concern.

So girls, how many times do you really consume noodles in a week? And if it’s 2-3 times or more, are you ready to give it up?

What do you think?

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