Viral Alert: The Striking Concept of Noise Wireless Earphones Ad Featuring Nora Fatehi

Having a good pair of earphones is a basic requirement we all have in our daily lives. The way music can make its way into our lives is remarkable, but it also needs a good pair of earphones to give the whole personal touch to each tune. It has been around three decades we have been making innovations in this particular field to get the best sound quality and comfort, the result of which we have now is the wireless, high-quality set of earphones in the market.

Noise recently launched Shot XO, a premium earphone product which has been the talk of the town with its impressive advertisement campaign. The campaign featured Nora Fatehi, a rising dancing star of Bollywood and a super hit item dancer in the South industry in the lead. The context of the ad is of a stimulating appeal; it chronicles the life of Nora and the experiences she had that lead her to become what she is now. Just like every other woman, Nora too had to move past all the castigation that people around threw at her. The advertisement deftly addresses the kind of cacophony one can experience in their lives which is what they would eliminate listening to their inner voice – to be what they have always aspired to become.

A perfect parallel can be drawn to the new Noise Shot XO, a wireless earphone which has cancellation of the ambient noise. This product comes with a classic round metallic chic case that is quite intuitive to touch. Unbound by wires this product has a 6 Hour battery life and can be recharged by simply resting the product on the case. If it’s too much, you can always use the type –C cable. For all the folks scared of dropping the earphones in water – good news people, this is a water-resistant earphone.

Every day our lives revolve around the little chores that we do, from jogging, dancing, baking or anything that you can think of. To add colour to all of this music is important. Imagine having a wired pair of a headband, or a wired pair of earphone plugged in your ears, making things complicated and clumsy. Well, people you can now escape this chaos with the Shot XS which comes in handy, all comfortable to your ear used diversely for calls, music, assistant and volume modulations anytime doing anything.

Like the context of the advertisement, tune in for this wonderful experience to eliminate all the discord and listen to your inner voice. Oh and also the product comes with three subtle colours – Rose Gold, Metallic Blue and Space Grey. Choose the one that defines you the most.

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Written by Sakshi Jain

Sakshi is an avid reader, enthusiast and is on her way to discover her potential. A passionate writer focused on creating and bringing better stories out in the open. Also, can cook two minutes Maggi in ten minutes.

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