All You Need To Know About Wedding Coordinators

Weddings are a time of love, families, celebration and happiness. They’re, however, also a time for madness, chaos and a lot of confusions! While many get a wedding planner to handle the madness and chaos that comes in with a wedding, many don’t.

The fact that weddings are already expensive doesn’t really add to the cause of hiring a wedding planner. Coupled with the fact that most brides these days want to be a hands on bride, taking charge of everything, right down to the smallest coordinators

However, as the big day gets closer, many brides start regretting their decision of, not hiring a wedding planner simply because there’s so much to do on the day of the actual functions. Coordinating with the guests, coordinating with the numerous vendors, making sure things are in place and basically running the show! That’s not you really want to do on the actual day of the function. And that is exactly why the concept of wedding coordinators exists!

Shruthi, a 26-year-old recently married bride from Bangalore shares her experience.
“More than anything else in this world, I wanted my parents to enjoy the big day and be with me. I didn’t want them running off to make calls, ensuring things were going as per plan. I wanted them to enjoy their own daughter’s wedding to the fullest. And that is exactly why I hired a wedding coordinator. I can easily say, that was one of the smartest decisions I made for my wedding,” she says.

So who exactly is a wedding coordinator? And what does he/she really do?

Difference Between A Wedding Coordinator And Planner
A wedding coordinator doesn’t plan the wedding, they just step in on the big day to make sure the proceedings run smoothly. Unlike a wedding planner who is involved with the wedding from the very start, a wedding coordinator’s comes in just before the actual functions start.

The Duty Range Of A Wedding Coordinator
Anything and everything that requires overseeing on the day of the function comes from the reign of a wedding planner. This may include coordinating with the vendors, making sure the food and beverages are running fine, ensuring the comfort of all guests, making sure everything us running as scheduled and lots more.

The Monnies!
The costs of hiring a wedding coordinator are drastically lower than a wedding planner simply because of the lesser time and effort involved. Also, working on a budget with a wedding coordinator is pretty easy. If you do have a tight budget, simply cut down the duties of your wedding coordinator!

For example: Limit the work to coordinating with all the vendors while you and your family can coordinate with the guests yourself.

Overall, hiring a wedding coordinator is an option every to be a bride should at least consider! Because you and your family should be in the wedding, not managing it!

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