Navratri Special Delicacies

Navratri, the nine day long festival, is celebrated as a tribute to Goddess Durga all over India in many different ways. Fasting is a common ritual followed by the devotees to cleanse them both spiritually and physically. However, this can be a little tiresome for some foodies. So, here are some scrumptious Navratri special delicacies that can be enjoyed making this festival more enticing.

1.Sago Cutlets: These delightful and appetizing cutlets are a must eat food during the Navratri festival season. It takes only 15 minutes of cooking time and the cutlets are spicy, crispy and heavenly in taste. The interesting part about these cutlets is that their divine flavours can be enjoyed as a snack or even as a main course delicacy.Sago Vada

2.  Kuttu Ki Puri: These unique puris are specifically famous during this festival and can be relished as a main course meal. The earthy and nutty flavour of the buckwheat flour used in making the puris is cherished by all. This exquisite puri is excellent source of some major nutrients and is a wholesome food.Kuttu Puri

3.Coconut Ladoo: These mouth-watering white coloured ladoos have nutty aroma of desiccated roasted coconut which is lip smacking and very easy to prepare. This quick and easy dessert requires only three ingredients and takes 10 minutes to prepare. The festival spirit seems to be incomplete without these savory ladoos.coconutladoo

4.Mango Almond Smoothie: This easy and a very healthy smoothie is low in fat content and superb in taste. You simply need to blend mango with crushed almonds along with some castor sugar and ice cubes. Garnish it with mint leaves and cardamom powder. This smoothie can act as a coolant and helps you in refreshing your mind and smoothie

5.Beetroot and Carrot Raita: This beautiful colored raita can balance out our fasting main course meal and equalises the nutrition aspect too. One can even add some onions, tomatoes and green chilli to this raita to add crunchiness and alluring flavours to celebrate the festive mood.

Beetroot Raita

6.Khaman Dhokla: This is a traditional Gujarati dish which is soft, spongy and extremely tasty. This snack does not need any elaborate preparation and cooking. It is a very simple snack which is fresh, healthy and very delicious. Khaman Dhokla is especially famous during the navratri festival since it is prepared with chickpea flour which is a permitted ingredient in several fasting foods.

khaman Dhokla

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