Important House Cleaning Tips for Navratri

A busy professional schedule leaves you with little time to see what useless things have accumulated in your house in that past few months. The more these things accumulate the little is the space you are left with. Here are some tips for Navratri to clean your house to make more space and to make it germ free as well.House cleaning tips for navratri

The wardrobe

The wardrobe is a place where you place things like watches, jewellery, socks, documents with the thought of saving time and sometimes thinking that you will be getting the things in one place whenever the need arises. This makes the place crowded. The wardrobe is exclusively for your clothes. Make separate room for different types of clothes like woollens and cotton clothing. Keep the linen in the middle rack which is near to your waist. This is because the bedcovers and sheets are used on a weekly basis. Keep the quilt and blankets either at the bottom or at the top shelf because these are taken only during the winters.

Cover-crowded bookshelves

Take out the books that of no use now. Take out the books of which are torn and of which you have a PDF file. You can get rid of these books and create space because whenever you would want to read these books you can get a print out of the PDF file and read it. Arrange the shelf with the tall books at the corners and the short books towards the centre.

The drawers

The drawers are the worst of all places hit by neglect. They contain everything almost everything item like rusted needles, pins, clips, bangles, pens, papers. Sometimes you may also find a long lost handkerchief, a comb may be even an earring. Sort out the things that you would still love to use. If they are no more in usable state just throw them away. Stack one drawer with something of use like your files, staplers, pins etc., Keeps these items in drawers that are inside your bedroom because these are your personal documents and it would not be safe to keep them in the drawers in the living room.

The bathroom

The poor bathroom is the obvious sign of unhygienic living. Make it a point to make a weekly cleaning of the bathroom. Use disinfectants to clean the sinks and the toilet. The floor too contributes to the hygiene and the look of your bathroom. Scrub the floor with use disinfectant and spray pesticides at the opening thought which the water drains out. Hang a bathroom freshener like Odonil or Airwick.

Cluttered kitchen

A kitchen that has utensils cluttered in one pace surely does not look good. Neither is it a hygienic place to cook. The best thing to do is prepare a place where you can arrange the utensils properly. Get a rack if necessary. Hand the spoons and knives in one place and the plates and bowls in another place. Clean the over clean and always check the burner and the gas pipe. If you see cracks in the gas pipe it needs to be changed or it may lead to an accident. Arrange your food supplies in their proper places like the spices, the flour, packets of cornflakes etc. Wash the sink and spray disinfectant at the opening in the sink.


Balconies are the places where we tend to dump our old newspapers and magazine and old cartons of home appliances. These gather dust and occupy space. Sometimes they become good breeding ground for insects like cockroaches and spiders. Usually you don’t use cartons and they are mostly disposed. Collect them in a sack and dispose them. This would leave you with enough space to make your living comfortable and hygienic.

A home which cluttered with mess and which bears signs of unhygienic living does not look attractive. A place starts gathering mess when you start neglecting it. All you need to do is just take out some time and clean the house.

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