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National Handloom Day 2021: Handloom Products to Complete Your Wardrobe and Home

Handloom has been a unique part of our culture that highlights the ‘swadeshi’ craftsmanship of our people. On the occasion of this day here is a list of handloom products you must own to complete your wardrobe and home.

National Handloom Day
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Every year the Ministry of Textile celebrates National Handloom Day on the 7th of August to honour the wonderful handloom industry of India. Our country is world-famous for its traditional craft and weaving techniques. Handloom has been a unique part of our culture that highlights the ‘swadeshi’ craftsmanship of our people. On the occasion of National Handloom Day here is a list of handloom products you must own to complete your wardrobe and home.

1.Banarasi Saree, Uttar Pradesh

The ancient city of Varanasi takes its pride in handcrafting these royal traditional silk Saree with the best details. The elegant and meticulous design is woven through the silk material with gold and silver threads. Instead of being lured by cheaper factory made alternatives, you should get an exclusive handloom piece that encloses the real magic of crafty hands.

2.Chanderi Silk Saree, Madhya Pradesh

Existing for centuries and still thriving in the traditional fashion market, Chanderi silk saree is a must-have for every saree lover. The intricate and tiny chanderi patterns are woven on light-textured silk or cotton that makes them wearable in the summer breeze. The royal embroidery includes the classic peacock, coin design, floral patterns, and many more to upgrade your saree collection.

3.Muga Silk, Assam

The golden tint shade of Muga silk renders an antique and classic look to sarees. Discovered in the wild of Assam, this fabric is magical as its lustre gets better with every wash. The design is recognized by the dark palette of repetitive patterns over the yellowish golden shade of silk. The saree known to be draped by royalty is now available for all beautiful women, this is your sign to get your Muga silk saree today!

4.Baluchari Saree, West Bengal

These majestic silk sarees take inspiration from the grandeur of the mythology of India. Along with the delicate zari embroidery the design consists of blocks on the border. The ‘pallu’ of the saree boasts the utter effort and artistry of the designers. The profound weaved design has placed the Baluchari saree in the list of one of the most beautiful Indian attire.

Note – If you are not a saree lover but still wish to include these amazing handloom designs in your wardrobe then you can buy the dress material instead. Converting these exquisite fabrics into your dream indo-western dress will be a great way to stand out.

5.Home Décor Products

The scope of handloom is not limited to your wardrobe but its grace is ready to take over your homes too. Here are some popular handloom home décor products you should not miss.

6.Natural Fibre Rugs

Add a traditional vibe to your home by planting these simply beautiful rugs around your house. Available in different sizes, colours, and patterns you will find a perfect piece for every dull corner of your home.

7.Wall Hanging, Tapestry

Setting a vibrant wall hanging can immediately upgrade the aesthetic of your home. There are unlimited designs and styles to choose from- a classic woven tapestry to a bohemian contrasted hanging.

8.Handloom Curtains

While deciding over the colour palette of your home the most emphasis is on the walls and then curtains. Choosing the soothing shades of handloom curtains can help you turn your home into a place of warmth and pleasure. They are easy to maintain and reflects the raw colours of nature.

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