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National Doughnut Day: Top 4 Donut Brands Ruling the Market in India

This year ‘National Doughnut Day’ falls on 4th June 2021.

National Doughnut Day
Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Are you someone who loves donuts? Well, I am sure that you will be happy to know about the donut celebration day. Each year, the first Friday of June month is celebrated as the ‘National Doughnut Day/ National Donut Day’ with the purpose to spread goodness and sweetness like donuts among people all over the world.

National Doughnut Day:

This year ‘National Doughnut Day’ falls on 4th June 2021. The history of celebrating donut day is very interesting. In 1938, the Salvation Army laid the foundation of National Doughnut Day in order to honour the contribution of women who have served donuts to soldiers during World War 1. This year as the situation is a bit different due to pandemic, the way of celebration may also vary.

Considering the current situation, you can either order or can cook your favourite donuts at home. If you would like to taste something different, then try a baked doughnut instead of a traditional deep-fried donut.

Desi Donut Flavours:

Nowadays, donuts are not only limited to sweet flavours, you can even have a spicy-salty donut in the form of Chole Bhatura Doughnut which comes with mashed chole stuffing. It might sound unusual but Chole Bhatura Doughnut is definitely worth a try. So, celebrate the ‘National Donut Day’ by enjoying your favourite flavour donut.

Here’s a list of the top 4 donut brands that are ruling the Indian market:

1. Super Donuts

‘Super Donuts’ is a Chandigarh based donut company founded in 2012. The company is built on the motto “Think global, act local”. Over a period of 8 years, the brand has grown multifold expanding its branches all over India. It provides almost 40 different flavours in donuts.

Indian Flavours:

Some of the famous Indian flavoured donuts of this brand are Gulab Jamun doughnut, Kaju Katli doughnut, Oreo dust and cookie dough monster. Apart from donuts, the brand also offers a variety in the snacks category in the form of sandwiches, coffee, milkshake and pizza.

2. Mad over Donuts

Started in 2008, Mad Over Donuts (MOD) has managed to stay relevant despite competition. It is well known for its soft and creamy doughnuts. Recently, ‘Mad over Donuts’ has collaborated with Nickelodeon India to come up with a new mango flavoured donut named “Golmaal Jr. Treat Box”.

Seasonal Flavours:

The season special flavours are Mango cheesecake, Mango Tango and Mango Berry.


3. Dunkin Donuts

‘Dunkin Donuts’ is known as the ‘Superstar brand of donuts’ because of its finger-licking donuts. Dunkin Donuts provide an option to choose the topping and drizzles of your choice from the menu for the donut. So, you can try numerous flavours from the donut menu and enjoy the perfect bite of it.

Must Try:

Don’t forget to try their Rainbow crunch, Choco Berry Blast and Choco villa donuts.

4. Krispy Donuts

‘Krispy Donuts’ is an American doughnut brand that is known for its sweet plus savoury donuts. In 2013, the company opened its first branch in India in the city of Bangalore. When it comes to Krispy Donuts, it is not possible to just pick one or two donuts.

Pro Tip:

For experiencing the assorted flavours of this brand which includes a wide variety of fluffy donuts, you need to try their box combo. Also, don’t forget to try their Vanilla Choco Chip donut. I am sure you will love it.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.


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