National Cheesecake Day 2021: Celebrating the Oldest Energetic Cakes

July 30th is celebrated as National Cheesecake Day so you get the biggest excuse for indulging in the love of cheesecakes.

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Who does not love cheese or cakes? What I mean is who does not love cheesecakes? Well, you do and so does most of the world. The layered creamy cuisine is made up of all the savoury ingredients such as cream, cheese, sugar, and plenty of your favourite flavours. July 30th is celebrated as National Cheesecake Day so you get the biggest excuse for indulging in the love of cheesecakes. 

The Creamy Start of National Cheesecake Day

The origin of the cheesecake dates back to the middle ages when athletes in Greece consumed them as a source of energy. Later on, the recipe kept on getting most taste oriented while maintaining the protein and energy ratio. In the 15th century, the word ‘cheesecake’ was coined to signify this ancient cheesy layered cake. Different types of cheese were invented as time passed (especially creamy cheese). 

People started experimenting with cheesecake because they could not forget the first cheesy bite they took of it in an American restaurant. Around cities, newer flavours were created and enjoyed by everyone. Cheesecakes became an inseparable part of American food. To celebrate this lovely centuries-old relationship with it July 30th was announced as National Cheesecake Day in 1985. Since then it has been celebrated with utmost joy and excitement by every cheesecake lover.

The Toughest Part- Choosing a Flavor!

The hardest part of a cheesecake is nothing but choosing one to eat at a time while your taste buds crave them all. There are hundreds of flavours, recipes, and tastes (and also behind stories) of cheesecake. The list can go for hours, so we will just suggest you a few must-try options.

  • Raspberry Tuxedo Mini Cheesecakes
  • Black Forest Cheesecake
  • Banana Cream Cheesecake
  • Oreo Choco Cheesecake
  • Choco Hazelnut Cheesecake
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake

These are just the drops in an ocean, so don’t worry about the variety and follow this sign to explore delicious cheesecakes to your heart’s content.

The Classic and Easy Cheesecake Recipe:

1.Prepare the crust

Take a medium-sized bowl and add cracker crumbs, shredded butter, and sugar to it. Take a pan and add oil to the sides. Add the mixture into the pan and press to the bottom. Set the microwave on 350o and bake the crust for 10 minutes. Let it cool down while you proceed.

2.Prepare the Filling

In a bigger bowl add cheese (preferably cream cheese) & sugar and make a consistent smooth paste. Add vanilla essence and lemon juice followed by eggs. Beat the ingredients to mix well. Pour the filling over the crust in the pan.


Place the pan in the microwave and let it bake for around 45-50 minutes at 350o. Allow the cake to cool down to normal temperature.


Leave the cake in the fridge for a few hours or overnight (preferred)


Take it out, add your favourite raspberry syrup, garnish with sour cream and anything else if you please.

Now, have a taste of all your hard work through this heavenly delicacy. That’s a Happy National Cheesecake Day!

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