Must Try Street Foods in Kolkata

Once you step into the City of Joy you cannot avoid jostling through the streets of Kolkata. Why? Food, food, everywhere! If you are foodie, this city is one you must visit at least once. Here we pick some of the common street foods of Kolkata that people of the city often talk about.

Fish curry and rice at Camac Street

Camac Street is one of the posh places of Kolkata. There are office buildings because of which eateries have cropped up and are running successfully. The common street food here is fish curry and rice. Fish is a must for Bengalis and it’s quite cheap too. The preparation is not too oily unlike other fried foods but it quite tasty. Onion and minimum of spices like garam masala go into its making and they are available for Rs25-Rs30.

Jhal Muri, the puffed rice snack

Jhal muri is Bengals’ favourite snack. There are vendors who go around ferrying their masala mixture of puffed rice. Why masala? They mix chole, bhujiya, lemon juice, green chilli, small slices of coconuts and black salt with two handfuls of puffed rice. These are available for Rs15-Rs20.


Momos are easy to make and require minimum of oil. And this makes it one of the favourites of Bengalis. Some of the best Chinese foods are available in Territy Bazaar. Here fresh Chinese breakfast is served everyday between 6 to 7.30 am. Apart from fish balls, pork momos and dumplings, you also have boazi which are steamed chines buns stuffed with pork. Momos are served with some hot sauce that tickles your taste buds bringing you back again.

Chole chaat

These are mainly made of chick peas. The peas are mixed with finely chopped onions and chillis, chaat masala and a dash of lemon juice. These are available for Rs15-Rs20.
Rolls with mouth-watering stuffing: These are moderately thick handmade rotis made of white flour, rolled up with either omelette or chicken stuffing. The stuffing also contains green chillies, lemon juice and onions. These rolls are available from Rs20-Rs35.

Idlis and Masala Dosa

The streets of Kolkata leave nobody disheartened. If you are from the southern part of India, you can enjoy idlis and dosas in this city too. Foods from almost every corner of the country are available here. Dosas and idlis are also served at street eateries. The dosas which are thin films of rice and pulse paste fried in oil and the masala being a taste potato preparation wrapped in it are enjoyed by everyone in the city. The usual daal and chutney are also served in generous quantities. These are available for Rs25-Rs35.

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