Must Try Apps to Organize Your Life in 2020

Time is certain, so you have to make the most of it. Every morning comes with a whole lot of things for you to do – meetings, grocery shopping, kids homework, doctors appointment, friends reunion, bill payments and the list goes on. There are always these times when we have loads of activities to be done, deadlines to be met and also have to align them with your personal goals.

Maintaining a work-life balance is at the core of every person’s achievement in this fast-paced world, especially for women. Having personal assistance to complete our jobs is a virtue. Perhaps it is now possible in this digital age where applications are at your beck and call.


Sometimes your brain is clogged with many ideas and fragmented thoughts, and you need to jot it all down. Journal writing or taking notes with a pen and paper seems quite traditional and unyielding because they are not handy. To help to keep notes which are more accessible and useful, you can use this app:

Google Keep

Google keep a tool for taking notes which includes texts, lists, images and also audio files. There is also a feature to set reminders on the tasks under the checklists. This app converts notes into a checklist, extracts text from images, transcribes voice listings. To make it more appealing, users can now colour code to their notes and also label them.

Why use it

  • Makes it easier to keep notes.
  • Labelled and simplified pieces of rather huge data.
  • Can copy these text files directly to Google doc document.
  • Can be used on Android and IOS platforms.

Swamped with emails and to-do

Business correspondence sometimes can get tiresome with the amount of text, data, ideas to be communicated through mails and other platforms to the whole set of team members. Also, planning a family trip or an event is quite worrisome because the planning and execution of these is a whole lot of effort from everybody. This app can be useful to keep everybody on the same page and schedule. 


Trello is a project management application which can be used by individuals, families or work teams. A comprehensive set of lists to be performed can be made, also adding subsequent cards to each list. Cards are simpler pieces of activities under each list for household chores or workflows etc.

Why use it

  • Helps you organise and schedule any task –big or small
  • Colour-coded labels make it easier to understand
  • Can add collaborators who can comment, see, attach and drop files.
  • It is available on platforms of iOS and Android.

The free version is ideal for families.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft to do is cloud-based task management application which helps to micromanage tasks to be performed by setting reminders and dues dates. This application also helps to share the activity across people who are of interest to this work like sharing a grocery list, trip planning helping you connect better with family and friends. It is useful wherever you are irrespective of times zones and location

Why use it

Help to organise at work, home across devices

Available across platforms on Android and iOS freely


Todoist is a user friendly interface allowing people to make their to-do lists on this app. It complements the tasks with their scheduled dates to complete. It usually divides the tasks under various sections for “errands”, “work”, ”personal” etc..You can also prioritise your work in the label section.

It is simple, yet yielding sort of an app available on IOS and Android.

Cozi Family Organizer

A must have app for all the busy families out there. Working individuals, especially women, are always managing home and work on a seesaw. This app makes their tasks easier for by connecting their family on a single account to set reminders about events, colour code important activities, share recipes of food, shopping lists and also the to-do list. This app is straightforward yet effective to use, which is available on the web and even on Android and IOS.

Message Clutters

To organise all the inbox messages, the junk that you wish was never there – you can use the following app

Microsoft SMS Organizer

SMS organiser is the brainchild of Microsoft Garage Project, recently unveiled in India, and has now spread its wings to USA, Australia and UK under android platforms. This is an app that leverages machine learning to sort messages based on context. It sorts messaged into categories of personal, promotional and transactional. It helps cut through the clutter and sort out messages that are of priority

Why use it

  • Set reminders for upcoming movies, flights, bill payments
  • Offline- this app is accessible without the internet connection


Life is easier when you work smart. So it’s time to kiss goodbye to all your traditional chaotic ways to handle work and personal life. Make most of the time you save by using these apps and live love and laugh more with your family. Have an app that you already use? Go ahead and share your suggestions via comments. 

What do you think?

Written by Sakshi Jain

Sakshi is an avid reader, enthusiast and is on her way to discover her potential. A passionate writer focused on creating and bringing better stories out in the open. Also, can cook two minutes Maggi in ten minutes.

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