Mother-Daughter Dates Under Rs.2000 For Mother’s Day

As we grow older, we tend to spend lesser time around our parents. Busy schedules and long days and nights often keep us from spending quality time with them. So this Mother’s Day, don’t just gift your mom and finish it off there, take her out on a mother daughter date and spend some quality time with her.

Here are a few date ideas under Rs.2,000.


Spa/Salon Date

Nail technician applying fingernail polish to woman's toenails in nail salon

Don’t just pack your mom off to a spa, book a dual treatment for the both of you instead. Get a massage, or your nails done, or whatever be your pick but make sure to be there. Chat, gossip, de-stress and have fun. Also, try getting the salon to fix you some nice mocktails or champagne and some munchies.


Luxurious High Tea

high tea

We all dream of putting all the world’s luxury at the feet of our parents, but of course, it isn’t easy. But if you are looking to do something luxurious with your mom this Mother’s Day on a limited budget, high tea is your perfect option. Cakes, sandwiches, muffins, bakes, champagne and of course, tea.


Slumber Party

No matter how old we all grow, there’s always a child in us. So this Mother’s Day, bring out the child in both, yourself and your mom and have a slumber party date. Watch a movie, have a make up session, talk, eat, dance and take a lovely trip back to your 13 year old selves.



Woman carrying shopping bags

So basically, combine the gift and the date and you have yourself the perfect time spent with your mom because let’s face it – ain’t nothing like the good ol’ retain therapy. Take your mother, tell her your budget and let her take the lead on wherever she wants to go from there. If you are on a budget, we’d say head over to your city’s famous street shopping areas to keep the date pocket friendly.


Sign Up For A Special Class

Is there a hobby or passion your mom has, but rarely gets to pursue? Well, book yourselves a special lesson for the same. Be it painting, dancing, baking, kick boxing, or whatever else, give your mom some time with her passion and her love (you) together. She’ll love it!


Bonus Idea: A Date Without You!

Send your mom on a date with your dad instead. She’s probably given up multiple date nights with your dad for you. So for a change, send her out for a date with your dad as a thank you for all the times she put you first!


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