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Morning Rituals That Set the Right Tone

Here are some ways that might make your mornings a little more cheery.

Mornings can be extremely stressful, and if you are not a morning person, it can very well be a nightmare. Setting the right tone in the morning is a perfect hack to ditch that morning irritability. Here are some ways that might make your mornings a little more cheery:

1: Start With a Good Stretch

After a well-rested night, it is important to do some morning stretches to get rid of that laziness. Moreover, stretches are also good for your body to avoid muscle aches and tensions. Spend the first five minutes of your wee hours in your bed to stretch lightly and give some time to your body to wakeup properly. However tempting it is, ditch your phones and avoid looking at a screen, the first thing in the morning.

2. Rehydrate

Hydration is extremely important for your body to re-energize and strengthen the metabolism system. A warm drink is an excellent way to begin your daybreak. A glass of warm water or any other herbal drink is just the perfect morning companion. This step is extremely important to get that perfect glow and life to your skin.

3. Breakfast Is a Fuel

fresh fruit juice
fresh fruit juice

While breakfast can be a task, especially in the early morning hustle-bustle, it simply should not be skipped. Fueling your body with breakfast ensures a perfect energetic day. If you are someone who cannot stomach food during early morning hours, opt for fresh fruit juices or even some freshly cut fruits.

4. Don’t Forget Your ‘Metime’

Spending time with ourselves is something that we always seem to forget. A good ‘Metime’ in the mornings is beneficial to uplift your spirits and make you ready for the day. However small it may be, spend your ‘Metime’ doing something that you enjoy, liking listening to your favourite songs or podcast, quality time with your pet or family, or even sipping your favourite tea while enjoying the view from your window.

Although ‘seizing’ the day is always preached, it is equally important to have a soothing and energetic start to your day so that it can be productive and uplifting.

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Written by Prerna

A purple soul with a love for all things creative especially acting. I believe that current affairs, comedy and drama are interesting. I will forever be an inquisitive person striving for new knowledge. I like to write to express my views because words are powerful.

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