Ways to Decorate Your Room to Improve Your Mood

Aesthetic appeal of our room can brighten up the mood to a great extent. Your bedroom cocoons you just the way you are, accepting and relieving you of the day’s stress and cacophony. As the bedroom is so important, you should be invested in making the room more beautiful and welcoming. A makeover which can add a bit of lustre, colour to your dull, not so organised bedroom is what it requires.

With this new zeal of improving your bedroom to make it look more creative, styled and organised, you must have come up with many ideas from the internet. The option to decor can be a buy from the stores or do some ‘Do It yourself’ or combine the two. Well, we have a few suggestions if you are looking for one.

Revamp the Curtains

The very basic change you can bring to your bedroom is with changing the curtains or adding one if you didn’t have any. Curtains add an elevation to your room and picking up sheer curtain for your open windows can give a romantic, breezy feeling. Come up with curtains which are different to make the whole look classier.

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Lay Out a Rug

A rug can make your room look larger and spacious. You can place it beside your bed or just underneath a chair in a corner; also you can come up with a cosy corner in your room with just a rug laid down and few cushions on it. Look for a rug that aligns with the overall feel of the room; do not take something that pops with a lot of colours. Remember to check the size you want to get according to the room.

Land of Rugs

Pop the Seat

You can include new seating in your bedroom by adding one or two pouffes. Choosing a colour that is in contrast to the whole room can make the room appealing and distinctive. Arrange it in a corner or towards the dresser to make it look organised, avoid placing it in between the room.

Go Back in Time

If you are bonkers over vintage decor, it’s time you get a piece for your room. A rustic drawer can be chosen and placed it along the wall and add few figurines on the top. Also, you can get a gramophone or old retro telephone to give a rustic look to your modern bedroom decor.


Dress Up Your Dresser

Most of you must be spending a considerable amount of time in front of the mirror. Isn’t it essential for the dresser also to look good? Well, it is, you can attach lights to the mirror or can get holders for your accessories and essentials to make the dresser look more inviting. Also, you can add a few candles with a holder.


Rope in Your Mirrors

All you need for this is an old mirror and a rope. You can either hang the mirror on the wall or can get it bolted. If you are too fond of colours, use a rope with bright colours or go pastel and add some flowers on it.


Flower the lettered Bookends

Bookends are to be placed on either side of the pile of books. If you are looking out to change that boring shelf into something stunning, all you have to do is add a funky bookend. Things you will need are – any cardboard or woodblock cut letter of your wish, some dried flower or a textured sheet.


Crochet cushion /Pom pom pillows

If you know the skill to sew well, then a crochet cushion must definitely be made. Choose a white colour and just let it linger around in your room. Also, you can make pillow cover from Pom Poms; this will bring a lot of colours in the room very subtly.

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Washi tape plant vases

Houseplants can be an attraction in your room, also with the nature they give. If you are someone who cannot a lot of time taking care of these, you can get the low-maintenance ones like spider plants. Also, you can decorate the plant holders /vases with washi tapes.

Make up for the Mason Jars

We are guilty of having stored jars that we thought we would someday use, now a little refashioning of them can be done. Add glitters, attach lights, pour in marbles or paint them different. You can use these jars to store your make up brushes, your beauty essentials or anything that is littering around. Also, you can fix these near your mirror. 


Redecorating is fun and can make you a lot happier. Make some changes to your room and the give the ambience a new refreshing look. It will definitely help you feel more positive about your surroundings, and you will cherish it.

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Written by Sakshi Jain

Sakshi is an avid reader, enthusiast and is on her way to discover her potential. A passionate writer focused on creating and bringing better stories out in the open. Also, can cook two minutes Maggi in ten minutes.

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