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Mithai: 10 Best Indian Confectionaries To Rely On This Festive Season

We have shortlisted the top 10 luxury mithai brands in India to satiate your festive cravings.

Mithai 10 Best Indian Confectionaries Festive Wedding Season

With festive and wedding season around, and there’s a unique charm to all Indian Celebrations, isn’t there? The air is filled with so much love and warmth.

However, no celebrations in India are complete without ‘mithais‘, and no compromises are supposed to be made on the quality when it comes to that. You need the best of the best, right.

Hence, we shortlisted the top 10 luxury mithai brands in India to satiate your festive cravings.

1. Khoya

A Delhi-based brand, Khoya makes delectable sweets and comes packed in beauty and elegance. Pink Motichoor ladoos, Paan Peda, and Pista longe are some of their special delicacies but, that’s not it. They offer everything you could ask for with the taste so good you would want more and more.

2. Gur Chini

Want to gobble up all those boxes of sweets but worried about health? Do not stress Gur Chini has your back. They make healthy and mouth-savoring sweets at the same time by going low on sugar. They make use of jaggery and honey and use the Stevia plant to add sweetness. Their Bavarian chocolate barfis, South American almond tacos, and pistachio paan are a must-try.

3. Arq

The founders of this mithai brand – Arg – added a unique thought to the mithai-making process and created some scrumptious desserts. The sweets are made with a touch of French finesse. Besan Truffle (Besan ladoos with Belgian chocolate truffle filling), Caramel Pedha, and Malterine Marmalade (tangy malta and tangerine with gurmandi almond paste) are examples of this deadly combination. The brand uses no artificial flavours, and the sweets come packed in recyclable boxes.

4. Nihira

Ever heard of a wine flavored ladoo? No, right. Well, Nihira made it possible and all other uncanny flavors you could think of, including champagne, blueberry, elderflower, cheesecake barfi, jalapenos, and cheese namak paree. You would not want to miss their uniquely special and handcrafted mithais.

5. Bombay Sweet Shop

Situated in Byculla, Bombay Sweet Shop offers a fine recreation of Indian sweets with a contemporary touch to them. Among Penguin-shaped Caramel Custard Popsicles and Coconut Caramel Patissa Fingers, papad lollipops, Ghewar tarts, Drunken Motichoor Laddoo, and Indian ‘gummies’ you can choose literally anything. We bet this shop is sure to win over hearts.

6. Saugaat

Their sweets are as royal as the name. Yet another fusion of Indian recipes with foreign ones, they have some pretty interesting treats to offer like the Lait Croquer (a French wafer), Dhodha, and Turkish hazelnut, Cashew Bonbon (cashews blended with salted caramel) and the Cherimoya Mawa (custard apple and khoya combination). Add extra sweetness to the festivals with their not-so-usual offerings.

7. Kesar

Based in Jaipur, Kesar will take care of all your sugar cravings. They make traditional mithais with modifications of their own. Blackcurrant Barfi, Blueberry Laddoo, Ferrero Rocher Laddoo, and Oreo & Date Cake are some specialities from their collection. Their ‘mithai cakes’ deserve a special mention.

8. Chappan Bhog

Chappan Bhog is quite a reputed name for dealing in quality sweets. Based in Lucknow and started in 1992, this brand is a hit amongst people. Apart from the authentic Indian sweets, they sell snacks and dry fruits as well. Their impeccable taste will have you licking your fingers.

9. Punjabi Ghasitaram Halwai

A family legacy of generations, Ghasitaram is based in Mumbai and is known for its lip-smacking taste in sweets. Cashew Karachi Halwa, Dry fruit choco ball mithai, Chocolate mawa barfi, Ghasitaram Halwa are some must-try products.

10. Berfila

New in the market, Berfila is located in Gurgaon. Their packaging is creative and suitable for gifting. They add fun flavors to the sweets like bubblegum, matcha, Jamun, mango and lemon, white chocolate, and raspberry motichoor ladoo.

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