5 Most common Mistakes to avoid in a Long Distance Relationship

Relationships play a very important role in our life. It’s very important to keep it going and being sure what you want from it. We will be talking about the mistakes couples make in long distance relationships. When asked for advice if long distance relationship’s work ? the only thing i have heard is that they don’t work and that its better to part ways but let’s think logically, is it impossible ?

The answer is “NO” nothing is impossible, there is a way to work out a relationship even if its a long distance one.

Lets go through all the mistakes couples make and try to avoid if you really do want to work it out with your “TO BE” Mister or Mrs.5 Most common Mistakes to avoid in a Long Distance Relationship

Be Positive

It is extremely important to be in a positive state of mind even if both of you have to stay away from each other.

Letting jealously get to you

Jealously can ruin even the most perfect relationship. Make sure both of you know what your partner doesn’t like and if it can be avoided, avoid it. Don’t let your partner get insecure.

Don’t take them for granted

Keep yourself in your companions shoes, would you like anybody taking you for granted? Text, Whatsapp, Skype whenever you can even if its just for an hour or a half. “give time, give love”.

Talking about one person a lot

Do not talk about one colleague or a friend a lot. This could cause your partner to doubt you even if for real your doing nothing wrong, its just human nature to doubt such things.

Don’t play the blame game

If having a fight don’t blame your partner for going away or bring up any previous fight you have had, it just plays a role of oil to the flame.

Every relationship has to go through a lot and LDR can be a cake walk if you succeed to follow the above very simple tips. And do remember don’t lose hope if your relationship doesn’t work out. As they say, if you really want it to make it happen, you will and your partner will too.

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Written by Lalana Suvarna

Lalana suvarna is a commerce professional, her interests include reading, eating and writing.

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