#MeToo: Vinta Nanda Is Grateful For People’s Support

It was after Tanushree Dutta coming forward with her account of abuse and harassment that many more women got the courage to share their experiences, giving prominence to the #MeToo movement in India. Among those who shared their experiences, was the veteran TV writer, producer, and director Vinta Nanda who alleged that Alok Nath raped her more than 19 years ago. In a detailed Facebook post, Vinta also told that it all happened when Alok Nath was sacked from the then-popular show Tara, for misbehaving with the lead actress. The lead actress of the show, Navneet Nishan also supported Nanda.


Recently, at a panel discussion on #MeToo organized by Screenwriters Association in partnership with Laadli initiative and moderated by Renuka Shahane, Vinta said that there is no end to her battle with Nath but it’s the support of people that keeps her going.

She further added, “We all know there is no end to this. I cannot bring any evidence, he cannot prove he has not done it and even I cannot prove it he has done it. So what are we fighting for in the courts? Why are we wasting the time of the court? There is no law to support what happened 20 years ago, there is no precedence.”

Vinta expressed her satisfaction over how people want to bring about a chance, saying, “Sometimes I feel like getting out of all this as it is going nowhere and then I get driven my somebody telling me, I am doing something good and that change will take place.”

Vinta also put forward how the meetings with various TV and Film associations take a toll on her.

She said, “In the meetings with CINTAA I was able to speak my mind. But with IFTDA it was a dramatic situation. I did break down. It took me about two weeks to come back to my fight against it.”

Coming to the current scenario, she told, “CINTAA had summoned him thrice but he did not respond favorably and they suspended him. With IFTDA it is yet to see what will happen.”

Vinta also filed a complaint with the police after Nath’s wife filed a defamation case against her.

When Alok didn’t turn up, on being summoned multiple times for the investigation by the police, the complaint turned into an FIR.
On hearing of the anticipatory bail, Vinta said that she was portrayed as a delusional person in love with Alok Nath.

As per Nishtha Jain, the documentary filmmaker who accused Vinod Dua of sexual misconduct, these defamation cases are used to silence the victim.

She says, “The biggest weapon they (perpetrators) used against us is the defamation case. After three defamation cases, it seems the whole movement has fizzled out and it is real fear. You just want to able to bring closure to the matter. We have to create an environment where they are forced to apologize,”


Many lawyers think that there is a need for special courts to resolve such cases.

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