Margarita With A Straw Review: Truly Sweet And You Have Enough Reasons To Try It!

Margarita, with a Straw discovered a new phase of cerebral palsy. It created a new movie-genre out of it. Then again, it gave us ‘more’ – deeper exploration into the life of a differently-abled girl, struggle of finding out her sexuality, attitudes of two different societies towards a ‘not-so-normal’ person, tear and wear of relationships and death. And, a lot ‘less’ – less violence, less songs. That kind of sum up a movie which created furor on many international award screens.

We say thanks to Shonali Bose for several reasons. The utopian world of differently-abled wasn’t easy to map in the movie. Bose never created a sympathetic alloy out of Laila, the girl. He has brilliantly assimilated brightness and a smartness into a life of Laila, that you will actually never feel an over concerned dryness to the character. For that reason, Kalki Koechlin has done an amazing job of enacting Laila, making her physicality confined to a wheelchair, yet leaving her spirit flying.This Margarita is Sweet and Sensual!Kalki, the feminist in life, has depicted the freedoms of a girl with a brazen perfection, as she gently moves the through all dilemmas. Giggling, watching porns, dreaming on orgasms, and what more. You have enough reasons to cheer for this sprightly girl.

Love is the domesticated animal here, blossoming and dying between intervals. There is this girl from Delhi named Laila whose heart goes lalalalala…, for a boy, a singer in college band (A strong reasons to fall for…eh?). He doesn’t love her back and that leaves her heart-broken. The happy moments scroll back into her life, when she received admission to New York State University. Things get smart again!

So, next surprise the movie have for you is when Laila discovers her lesbian love. The movie has escaped through the scissors without missing much of its tender scenes. The movie has teased Indian society for its insensitiveness towards differently-abled, especially by comparing it with the scenario at New York, where they are just seen like normal people.

Laila’s mother Revathy deserves a special applause. A true affection of a middle class Mom and her daughter is beautifully portrayed here. With all these sugary heartwarming moments, this Margarita is truly sweet and you have enough reasons to try it!

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