Mamidikaya Tokkudu Pachadi Or Instant Crushed Mango Pickle

I grew up in Hyderabad, South India. The city is known for its rich culture and specialty food. Pickles are the instant tastemakers in our meal. Mamidikaya known as instantly crushed mango pickle is our side dish instead of chutney for dosa, idli, hot rice, puri, chapati, plain vada or sometimes I use it like dressing for salads (like fresh cut cucumbers )

I remember whenever we use to travel in train to visit Tirupati with family members and siblings in a big number. This pickle was a must-carry for us. It goes very well with chapati or poori or with plain rice. We andhraites are a big fan of spicy hot pickles. I am a great fan of tangy raw mangoes and spicy pickles from all over Indian cuisine I love this mouth watering spicy TOKKUDU PACHADI. Choosing good mangoes is the key to the recipe.Mangoes should be unripe green, hard to touch, with white flesh and sour in taste.Let us not wait anymore. We will get going with preparations.

NOTE: Best to avoid pickles in pregnancy and do not feed this spicy mango pickle to kids

This recipe falls under instant pickle family with life of ten days

Source: My Peddaatta ( My dad’s sister)

Cooking time 10 mins

Preparation time 30 mins

Ingredients list

1 raw mango ( I used medium size mango )

4 tablespoon dry roasted mustard seeds ( Use black mustard seeds)
Or store bought black mustard seed powder

4 teaspoons of red chilly powder

3 teaspoons of salt ( adjust as per your taste)
Preferred is sea salt though

1/4 th teaspoon of hing or asafotedia

1/4th teaspoon of turmeric

1/2 teaspoon of Cummin seeds or jeera

1/2 teaspoon of mustard seeds

4 tablespoons oil ( preferred is peanut oil)

1 or 2 dry red chillies ( any variety )

4 small garlic cloves ( optional )

5 curry leaves ( optional )



First, wash the mango and let it dry (wipe with dry cloth) now mango is dry and clean

Cut the mango into roughly half inch pieces or somewhat small pieces which can go into blender or Mixie

Blend the cut mango pieces into Mixie or coffee blender and the result should be like roughly grated mango or coarse paste ( not like smooth chutney consistency )
Blend it for just 40 seconds then give quick mix and again blend for another 40 seconds

Now remove and store it in a ceramic bowl

Please use the jar in mixie set given for blending dry powders which are best for coarse paste

Dry roast the mustard seeds (Make sure mustard seeds should not be burnt)

Take microwavable safe plate and heat mustard seeds for 1 minute on high power in microwave oven alternatively you can heat up the nonstick sauce pan on stove ( not smoky hot) and switch off the flame add mustard seeds to saucepan and let it sit for 1 minute

Let it cool for 5 minutes

Ground the cool mustard seeds into powder in coffee blender or Mixie

Now fresh mustard seed powder is ready for pickle

(Add very little amount of salt to any leftover mustard powder and store it in airtight container )

Grate garlic and keep it aside in a plate

Now add salt, mustard seed powder, red chilly powder, grated garlic and turmeric to blended mango pieces which is in ceramic bowl Mix all the ingredients well

Things to do in Cooking

Heat the nonstick sauce pan on stove

Add oil let it heat then add mustard seeds, dry red chillies , add grated garlic when mustard seeds are sputtering time to add cumin seeds. Add hing and switch off the flame Right away you can add this tampering to pickle (if it is ceramic bowl)

Let it cool and add the tampering to pickle depending on type of bowl used for mixing the ingredients ( plastic or steel bowl) Mix it well and let it cool
One can eat it after 15 mins or After 24 hrs is the best to taste.

Note: Store it airtight container (BPA free is best) and keep refrigerated for fresh taste the next day

Use it within one week to ten days

This recipe is shared by Rekha Y. currently living in Pennsylvania.  Software engineer by profession and an awesome mom who loves to cook South Indian food and spends most of her time in experimenting new recipes. 

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