Malaika Arora Gets Vocal About Her Divorce From Arbaaz Khan

Malaika Arora is the one actress and model who has carved her own niche. She is still as sensational as she was when she mesmerised audiences dancing to the tunes of Chaiya Chaiya alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

However, the actress’s personal life has been in the limelight ever since she ended her marriage of 18 years with Arbaaz Khan. The actress got divorced in May 2017 but however, didn’t speak much about either her divorce or the events leading up to it. After a long time, Malaika has opened up about what transpired in their relationship on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s show What Women Want on 104.8 FM.

Malaika said,

“We were just two people in a situation that were making each other extremely unhappy which was impacting everybody else’s life around us.”

She further said,

“It’s never ever easy like no other major decision in your life and at the end of the day, someone has to be blamed. You always have to point fingers at someone. I think that’s the general human nature to go about things. It’s never easy, but the person that I am, for me happiness is the most important. And it’s not just me is the happiness for everybody around. So even if it means that I have to make or take such a major decision in my life, of course, I didn’t do it alone. There are two people involved. And I think we eventually did think about a lot of things, we weighed every single pros and cons and then we decided that I think it’s better off that we go our separate ways because I think we’ll just be better people.”

Malaika even admitted that it is easier to do so for a man than a woman.

“That is like the biggest disparity that there is. But yes, it is very easy for a man to move on with his life.”

However, when Malaika revealed her decision to her family, they were apprehensive.

“I think sab ki pehli yehi raai hai ki mat karna. Koi aapko nahi kahega ki, ‘Haan, haan, please jayiye, kariye.’ That’s the first thing, ki aap soch samajh ke yeh decision lena. I went through the same thing,” she said.

 “Even the night before I got divorced, I had my family sit with me and ask me yet again, ‘Are you sure? Are you 100 per cent about your decision?’ So I think that was something I heard all along and rightly so. These are the people who worry and care so they will definitely say that,” she further added.

She also shared the best advice she got, saying,

“The best advice I think everybody said, If this is a decision you’re making then we are really proud of you and in our eyes, you are a strong woman. So, I think for me that really .. it gave me that extra strength that I needed. I have never spoken about this. And I’ve probably never been so vociferous about something.”

Malaika even talked about how she overlooked the gossip around her divorce.

Malaika said. “You could sense that and it felt good. A snigger, some sort of malicious gossip. It’s how you overlook it and lead your life on your terms and conditions.”

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