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Makeup Products for Beginners to Invest In

Have just hopped on this colourful makeup world? Worry not because we will tell you about excellent makeup products to put your money in.

“Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” – Elizabeth Taylor

If Elizabeth Taylor believes in this then we don’t argue further. Makeup is a lot of things for people but for artists, it is a way to express themselves and portray their thoughts. The cosmetic field is enjoying immense fame with new beauty trends popping up on Instagram and YouTube. Beauty influencers are thriving on different social media platforms. In a nutshell- it’s a good time for makeup enthusiasts.

But if you have just hopped on this colourful train then worry not because we will tell you about excellent makeup products to put your money in.


Let’s start with the foundation (pun intended). There are different types of foundations for different skin types but the one which is excellent for beginners and offers good coverage is from Loreal Paris.

Our pick: Infaillible 24H Fresh which comes in stunning 40 shades.

So, you won’t have to worry about not meeting your perfect foundation match. It comes in two sizes with a price range between Rs 750- Rs 1200.

Infaillible 24H Fresh
Infaillible 24H Fresh


Eyeliners have evolved in different forms and textures over the years. Liquid, gel and crayon eyeliner offer different structures and styles. One brand which offers versatility in its products is Maybelline. Good price ranges with good quality products are the qualities of this brand. I feel that sketch eyeliners are a great start for newbies in makeup. It offers better grip and control to draw that perfect wing that you want to achieve.

Our pick: Maybelline’s Line Tatoo impact pen will just do the trick.
Price Range: Rs 550

Maybelline’s Line Tatoo impact pen
Maybelline’s Line Tatoo impact pen


A colourful pout is the necessity of every makeup lover. Lipstick is a perfect way to play with colours and spice up your makeup looks. Nykaa is a brand that has captured my heart with its elaborate lipstick ranges and styles. It offers a variety of lipstick styles including matte, stick, palette and creamy lipsticks. You can choose from a variety of styles and colours based on your preferences.

Our pick: Nykaa so creme lipstick. Offers a perfect harmony between creamy and matte. The best quality of these lipsticks is when they fade away they leave a tint behind and does not leave patches on your lips.
Price range: Rs 299

Nykaa so creme lipstick
Nykaa so creme lipstick


What is life without fluttering lashes? A good mascara can level up your makeup game to a different heigh point. Brands like Maybelline, Loreal Paris and Benefit Cosmetics are a cult favourite of many beauty gurus with their exceptional quality and diverse mascara options.

Our pick: Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift for that perfect false lashes look. It gives volume and length to your lashes.
Price range: Rs 549.

Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift
Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift


Your eyes also deserve some colourful hues for their different moods.
We have just the right pick for this.

Our pick: Makeup Revolution Reloaded series offers different colour palettes depending on the preferences. Why I like this product is because it offers a wide range of colours in one single palette appropriate for different occasions.
Price range: Rs 950

Makeup Revolution Reloaded series
Makeup Revolution Reloaded series

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