5 Common Makeup Mistakes You Are Making Without Realization

Do you love applying makeup but are unable to give that professional touch to your makeup? You have landed at the right place! There are certain mistakes we do that prevent us from achieving that perfect look we crave for. There’s no need to shy away. At some point we have all made such mistakes and learning about them is where all your effort lies. Are you wondering about those makeup mistakes? These five points will set it all right for you.


1. Using Un-cleaned Makeup Brushes or Tools

Applying your makeup with dirty brushes or other tools can make your face look dull and even lead to a lot of skin problems. It can lead to breakouts or acne all over your face. It is always advisable to clean all your brushes and tools after every use.

2. Mismatched Shade of Foundation

This is one of the most common mistakes we have made at some point in our lives. Wearing foundation has only one purpose, to give you that natural effect, smooth and uniform complexion. You should never apply a shade lighter or darker than your natural skin tone so that it blends easily without making your skin look uneven.

3. Going Too Overboard with the Highlighter

Highlighting too much can turn into a huge make-up mistake. Apply only where it’s necessary to avoid looking all shiny. Use highlighter at points in small amounts where it will reflect and make your features come-off better.

4. Using Your Concealer the Wrong Way

This is another common mistake people often make. Always use your concealer after applying foundation as this technique offers greater coverage. A concealer has a thick formula as compared to a foundation so it helps them both to mix well.

5. Not Preparing Your Skin Before Make-up

Not preparing your skin before make-up can make your make-up face look uneven. It’s always best to prepare your skin before make-up with a primer to have a smooth base to work on. Preparing your skin can also help your make-up ton stay longer and evens out your skin texture.

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