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Make Your Way to Healthy Glowing Skin by Just Eating Right!

Here is a list of what to include in your daily diet.

What you eat reflects on your skin and this is no myth. You may use a lot of products on your skin and follow a skincare routine religiously, but your skin can never show proper results if it is not getting the nourishment it needs from within. Having a nutritious and healthy meal is one of the many things and a huge contributing factor on your journey to healthy glowing skin. Are you ready to embark on this journey? 

Here is a list of what to include in your daily diet: 

1. Lots of Vitamin C & E 

Vitamin C & E

Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidant and it helps you to get glowing skin by healing spots and blemishes. It is also important to give your skin a strong and rigid structure that can prevent wrinkles and signs of ageing to appear early. Food rich in Vitamin C should be a part of your daily diet in proportions relevant to your height and weight. 

Good sources are oranges, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, etc. Vitamin E is another such source that helps your skin to stay healthy by protecting it from any sort of damage. Food rich in vitamin E like almonds, spinach, peanuts, etc, should be a part of your diet. 

2. Consume Enough Water  

Consume Enough Water 

Filling yourself with enough water and other foods that may contribute to your daily fluid intake is essential to get healthy glowing skin. Being dehydrated can make your skin dull, dry, and patchy. Consume around 6 to 8 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated and give your skin the moisture it requires to stay flexible. 

3. Include Sources of Zinc in Your Diet

Sources of Zinc in Your Diet

Zinc is an excellent source for your skin as it helps to repair damages and makes your skin soft by increasing its flexibility. Good sources of zinc to include in your diet can be found in fish, nuts, poultry, whole grains, etc. 

4. Prevent Consuming Processed Foods and Sugar 

Processed Foods and Sugar 

It’s okay to have a cheat meal once in a week or so, but daily consumption of processed foods and sugar can be harmful to your skin. Excess consumption of these can cause signs of early ageing visible on your skin and your skin can lose its elasticity. 

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