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Make a Fashion Statement with Your Saree Draping Styles

Saree, a traditional wear of Indian women is also the national dress. This traditional female attire has been admired since the ancient times and also has gone through a lot of evolution with time. Though there are many Indian attires for females, saree has its own significance and all because of its splendid grace and glamour.
The way a lady wears her saree, reflects a lot about her persona and style. The same piece of cloth is been used as a clothing in different style as we go along the sub-continent.

Here are some of the best ways to drape a saree around:


1. The Traditional Way
The most common and the popular way, the traditional way of draping a saree is commonly used for ceremonies, rituals, ceremonies and formal gatherings in the country. In this style the saree is first draped around the waist once, then making pleats and tucking in the middle with the pleats facing left. Then the pallu, the loose end of the cloth is thrown over the left shoulder hanging behind.

2. The Bengali Way
Mostly preferred in the Eastern part of India, it is wrapped around the waist (without pleats) bringing it to the right side and the pacing the pallu over the left shoulder. The pallu then is brought back up under the right arm over the right shoulder covering the entire back.

3. The Guajarati Style
Another traditional way of wearing a saree, is a easy to handle style with heavy works. Start with tucking the saree in the underneath skirt, then make pleats and tucking them too facing the right. In here the pallu is taken from the back over the right shoulder with pleats hanging in the front. The hanging pleats are then pinned on the left waist.

4. The Maharashtrian Style
A totally different style than all, the saree is a bit longer and needs no petticoat to wear it. In this style the saree is place at the back of the waist and then the ends tied in the front. The outfit is wrapped around the legs and then draped over the shoulder.

5. The Nivi Style
A common Indian way of wearing a saree, the colth is wrapped around the torso for atleast three times and then tucked inside the petticoat. Wrapping it multiple times creates pleats which adds a distinct look to the style.

6. The North Indian Way
More or less similar to the Nivi style, with a few differences. The major being the pallu draped over the right shoulder instead the left and pallu being draped from the back towards the front instead of front to the back.

7. The Mundum Style
In here two pieces of cloth is used – the top and the bottom. Neriyathu or the top piece is either tucked in the blouse or wrapped around the shoulders and the bottom, also called Mundu is wrapped around the wait and tucked in the petticoat.

8. Mumtaz Style
Named after yesteryear’s famous actress Mumtaz, is basically opposite wearing a normal saree. To get this style you first pleat the saree and then drape it instead draping first and then wrapping. The pallu is kept extremely narrow maintaining a different look.

9. The Mermaid Style
Anyone can wear this style, but is best recommended for curvaceous women. The lower portion is draped in way giving a look of a skirt and hence making the wearer look slimmer. The pallu is kept heavy with embellished borders.

10. The Bollywood Style
A perfect for women with zero figure, is mainly used by Bollywood movie stars. It is all about wearing a slim pleated skirt and the pallu stitched with the saree. The pallu being stitched together slings to the bottom giving a gorgeous look.

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