Major Fashion Trends For Men and Women

Fashion is something which keeps on changing as is as versatile as it can be. So, if you want to stay ahead in the race, then you need to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends in the market. 2017 is already half gone. Time really flies, isn’t it?

And thus, here is a quick snap shot of what are the major trend which we will be seeing in the remaining half of 2017 both for men and women –

So, definitely let’s begin with ladies first –

1. White Dress Shirt

Shirt dresses are a favorite among fashionistas since a long time. But what about white shirt dresses? White is one of the most classy and runaway favourate colour. So, when it comes to the comfy and classy white shirt dresses then there is nothing better than this. It can be worn in office and also as brunch outfits.

2. Capes

This is the perfect outfit to wear in spring or just before autumn hits you. Capes are a modern version of jackets. Now, jackets are really thick and more for winters. Capes are much more chic and modern outfit. Capes come in number of fabrics and colours and even in patterns. So, it’s time to experiment with this latest trend in fashion.

3. Chokers

90s style is coming back and they have hot the fashion circle with a bang. And thus a major jewelry statement chokers are back. And these days you get chokers in variety of style. You get chokers in beaded pattern, with crystals and even with velvets of your favorite colour.

4. Pointed Shoes

Pointed toe style shoes are extremely chic and classy. And they come in all footwear forms like flats, heels and boots. And the biggest USP with this pointed shoes is that you can wear them with almost anything. You can wear the pointed shoes with skirts, pants and even with dresses.

And now let’s be fair with other gender too, talking about the major fashion trends in men –


Khaki was a clothing staple in 90s. And now again the trend has hit the market. Khaki can be worn even with formals and it can work as a cool party outfit too. And these days men mostly wear khakhi pants when they are all set to tour the world because they are extremely comfortable.

2. Hats

Anyways men have quite limited accessories. So, what about expanding their accessories collection. Right now men are experimenting with cowboy hats, old school hats, paper boy hats and oversized hats.

3. Loafers

Loafers are such a versatile and easy going footwear for men. It gives a cool look to the entire outfit. And it works as a perfect all year round footwear. You can wear them with jeans, formals, and even with your comfy shorts.

White Sneakers – This is the trend which is lately favorite among many youngsters. You can wear white sneakers with your jeans may be ripped ones and this will instantly turn your outfit into a cool outfit.

What do you think?

Written by Pallavi Bose

Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.

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