What Is Made Safe Certification?

To what extent do you think the products you are using aren’t harmful? How does one make sure the various products in the market do not have any adverse effects? To answer this, all you do check is-if the products are standardised and safe sealed by concerning authorities. It is only then we affirm to buy the product from the market. This expectation from the consumers indirectly mandates the brands to screen their products of any such detrimental agents which would harm the users during the use.

The brands follow a plethora of legal frameworks before their product reaches the market and is offered to buy. Earlier this was not case for quite for some time. But with the growing issues with products, it is now a compulsion added to a moral duty. One such certification is Made Safe.

What is Made Safe?

Made safe is a Non Toxic Certification given to products across home, baby to personal care and beyond. It is known to be America’s first such certification given to nontoxic products keeping in mind the health of a human being and the ecosystem. To simply put Made Safe is for products made with safe ingredients. A non-profit organisation started in 2016 is making consumer buying experience more reliable and safe.


What does it do?

Made Safe has an ingredient database which screens the product ingredients against it. In this data, they are a list of harmful chemicals found on agencies and scientifically authoritative lists around the world. They analyse the molecular makeup of the product, and their scientists examine if these elements are safe for the intended use. Most of you must have heard of the common toxins and chemicals such as carcinogens, neurotoxins, pesticides among others, which are the few ingredient screening aspects and it is only then that the product is Made Safe certified. This organisation was started with the belief that it will ease the whole buying process for consumers by providing products without toxins; also, it now serves as a road map for companies to manufacture safer products.

How does it work?

As mothers, homemakers or any woman who is looking after themselves and family around, it is crucial for us to ensure safety from the products we use daily. Effects due to products inability to meet standards can cause unnecessary disturbances in our health. We wouldn’t want to go through extremities by just using a product. At Made Safe, a detailed procedure is followed to ensure that the brands working with them sell only genuinely safer products in the market.

This is how it works:

  • Brands sign up with this organisation to get their products verified
  • Then the brands submit the list of ingredients, raw materials used in making the product.
  • The organisation now screens the ingredients against its database.
  • In this stage, the products are verified for secondary screening which is against those chemicals and toxins which are not commonly known but are still harmful.
  • Finally, the reports are issued to the brands and reviewed accordingly to guide brands through options and alternatives. Lastly, they proceed to certification, and the product is given the Made Safe seal.

Which products?

As mentioned earlier, the range of products it certifies is huge. Apparel, Baby and child, cosmetics, feminine care, bedding, household, personal care, sexual health and fragrance-free product are the categories that Made seal certifies. Mamaearth, kosmatology, ranavat botanics are among the brands that have got Made Safe on their products. If you are looking for the site to buy products with this seal, you can find in on Amazon.

It is imperative to be aware of the products you consume, any adversity using this can cause you harm. As a responsible buyer, make sure the products you purchase are not deteriorating your health. Health is ensured if your awareness is.

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  1. Good to hear that there is an organisation looking out for our safety. i really admire your intel which helps and ensures people stay safe.

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