Look younger with Lacto Calamine Anti-Aging Reneu cream

Lacto Calamine is a product from one of India’s most trusted companies, Parimal OTC. People have been using Lacto Calamine for decades and now the calamine range comes with a new addition to its lot. It is the Lacto Calamine Anti-Aging Reneu Cream.

This cream is made keeping in mind the environmental factors that contribute to fast aging of the skin. Working women and college students will find it extremely useful as their skin undergoes the ravages of a polluted atmosphere for most of the day. Many women and girls have already used it and they see a visible reduction of fine lines which are the initial signs of aging skin.

The cream contains 9 nourishing organic extracts that help in retaining the firmness of the skin by improving the elasticity of the collagen in the skin. The super hydrating effect helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. You can clearly feel a skin lightening result because of the anti-melanin effect of the cream. As the cream helps in maintaining the pH of the skin an enhanced glowing effect is experience by the user.

To prove the effectiveness of the cream each pack comes with a 3 revolutionary prove strips which help you capture the impression of the skin. The clinically researched product proudly claims to reduce 83% of your fine lines and wrinkles and a remarkable improvement in the smoothness and softness of the skin.

The cream comes in a pack of 50gms for Rs799. Clinically tested and proved to be effective, there is no doubt that this product will capture the market soon giving its competitors a tough time to remain afloat.

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