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Lift the Pressure to Be Productive Every Day

Surrounded by the hustle-bustle of everyday life, we often forget to stop, reboot, and breathe. The pressure to be productive, to build a life is very real, and sometimes we need to break free from this pattern. It is important to have “do nothing” days as much as those days where you forget to have lunch because of those lined up meetings giving you the feel of an exciting career. There is something good about doing nothing, feeling the presence of little things around you and just being in an easy state of mind. So lift the pressure that has clouded your thoughts and loosen up for a day to do nothing only to discover “why” you need it now and then.


When we are busy working or doing something or the other, does this imply that we aren’t breathing? No. But when we are in a state of relaxation, we have our mind and body listening to us, and at that moment when we close our eyes and take a deep breath, we feel connected to reality. Taking deep long breathes while lying down can help your body loosen up and relieve your stress. It also gives you a feeling that makes you understand why taking a break and doing even something simple like breathing is important for your mental health.

Express with Creativity

Creativity is often used as a tool to express ourselves, uplift our mood, and release stress. Being creative in any form, be it cooking, dancing, writing, drawing, colouring, etc., is very important to help us work on ourselves and get a little break from our mundane lives. When you get onto your creative side, you tap on layers of yourself helping you release all this pent-up pressure in the right way, making you feel alive and light.

Do Things You Can’t Find Time for

When we are busy in the noise of life around us, we lose touch with things we love doing. It can be anything, random like reading poetry, having a big cup of tea, lying down or even something on the heavier side like going out shopping. When we take some time out for self-love, we get a feeling of being whole and content, and that feeling is what makes sure we are healthy in and out.

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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