Let’s Give It Up For Period Panties!

Tired of looking back while on your periods? Not anymore. Say goodbye to those hassles of using sanitary pads and tampons and make way for PERIOD PANTIES! Yes, you heard it right- Period panties. Adira and Thinx are two of the most well known brands in the market today and many new start ups are in the pipeline.Let's Give It Up For Period Panties!

Now coming to the product of the hour, these are fashionable, well-fitting panties designed with the patented technology to keep you dry, stain free and comfy. They can be useful unless you are suffering from toxic shock syndrome. Some use it as a back-up with pads, tampons and menstrual cups and some, as a replacement. The panties come in three different super sexy styles and you can select one depending on how heavy your flow is.

For heavy period days, go for Hiphugger, which can hold up to two tampons’ worth of blood. For medium flow, wear the Cheeky panty, as it can do the work of one tampon. And by last few days of your period, go for a sexy thong, which can absorb half as much blood as a tampon can.

As you may have probably assumed, THINX panties are reusable and washable. Just keep in mind to hand-wash prior to popping them into the washing machine. (For more FAQs, visit this page!).SHE THINKS PERIOD PANTIES

The trio behind THINX—twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and their friend Antonia Dunbar—went on a trip to Africa where they met a young girl on a weekday. They were surprised to know that the girl skipped school because it was her “week of shame.” They learned that many young women in Africa miss at least a week of school every month simply because they don’t have access to sanitary pads. They thought somewhere in India also situation is the same. That is why they gave birth to this idea or we can say their brainchild.

You can buy them online at,, For every pair of THINX that is purchased, seven pieces of reusable sanitary pads are manufactured for a woman in Africa.

  1. First layer is the moisture wicking which keeps you dry even you had a spill.
  2. Second is the anti-microbial layer for fighting bacteria with a silver lining treatment.
  3. Third is the absorbent layer which holds two tampoons worth liquid depending on the style.
  4. Fourth is the leak resistant layer.

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