Lemonize Your Life

1. Fenugreek seeds

Since centuries lemon has been a part of every household around the globe. Some use to protect against the evil while some use to treat various illness. In ancient Egypt eating lemons or drinking lemonade was a protection against variety of poisons, whereas in India hanging lemon and green chillies outside the house is considered to fight the evils. Apart from these lemons adds taste to the gastronomy delicacies.

Lemons comprises of strong antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting powers. These are rich in nutrients land minerals like vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and citric acid. These characteristics help in weight loss, treating acne, fighting dandruff and dull hair, healthy gums and enhance immunity and fights infection. Taking lemon in any form such as juice, lemon teas, dressing on salads, bathe it leaves a healthy impact with its healing power.

This yellow fruit further takes care of our daily health routine if taken daily. The antioxidants in lemon prevents heart diseases, cancers, improves blood circulation and cholesterol. Here are some suggestions to take lemon for a healthy life.

To Treat Acne:

Mix fresh lemon juice with equal quantity of rose or honey water. Apply the mixture on affected areas for half an hour and wash with moderate temperature water. Repeat this application twice daily for better results. Tip: This is a natural remedy without any side effect. In case there are open wounds consult doctor.
Abandon your anxiety: The scent of lemon has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect on our senses. Often lemon is used as a cleanser or room freshener in some products. Researchers show that inhaling lemon oil has a calm effect and helps remove fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, nervousness and tensions. Furthermore, it helps in increasing concentration and alertness.

Curing Fever:

High fever and chills can happen due to various causes. To treat these seasonal fevers add juice of 1 lemon to a cup of hot water with honey and drink at once. Take this tonic every 2 hours until the fever subsides.

Cold and Flu:

In time of runny nose or sore throat drink freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water every 2 hours. In case of tonsillitis, gargle every 2 hours with fresh lemon juice.

Cure Corns and Calluses:

Treat corns and calluses with lemon cap. Place a slice of lemon approximately 5mm thick on the corn and bandage. Dab the affected area with lemon oil when the area is left open.

Furthermore, apply lemon juice on hair scalp and skin for glowing skin and dandruff free hair. There are many ways of taking lemons, especially the most easily being the lemon juices for better digestive powers. Thus, add a bit of tangy lemon in your daily routine and live a healthy life.

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