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LEGO Levels up with VIDIYO: An Educational Music Video App

LEGO VIDIYO lets creative girls and boys spend hours of fun by directing, producing and starring in their very own music video.

Toy company Lego has launched its Video creation initiative – VIDIYO. A collaboration with Universal Music Group and Lego – VIDIYO lets children create, direct, edit, and produce their own music videos. Children between ages 7-10 are the target audience of this fun and interactive initiative of the two companies.

VIDIYO’s Universe consists of special effects, life-sized Minifigures, music from almost every artist, and much more. All you have to do is buy your favourite Lego Minifigures, scan the code on the bricks, download the connected App, and your children are all set for the captivating Augmented-reality experience. They can dance and have a full-on concert with their favourite Lego Minifigures and get closer to their loved music artists. The App is also well equipped with parental controls so that the parents can monitor and regulate their child’s activity.

VIDIYO - Music Video Maker
VIDIYO – Music Video Maker

Kid’s Safety First

Children can also collect and form their band with various Lego Minifigures and utilize different special effects like X-ray vision and confetti. New Lego elements can unlock by scanning new bricks on Minifigures. Along with this, Lego has keenly focused on content moderation and made sure that any content with any of the child’s personal information and identity will not be uploaded. Kids can only enjoy their self-created videos locally or show them to friends and family on a fully moderated kid-safe social feed.

Julia Golden from the Lego group voices, “We want to feed the imagination of the next generation of creatives by providing a new canvas for kids to creatively express themselves. Research shows over three-quarters (79%*) of parents globally wish that their children had more creative confidence, so we’re launching LEGO VIDIYO to help make that happen,” she added.

This collaboration seems to stem from the fact that the world is already moving at a fast pace, and enhancing and giving the correct exposure to your children at a young age can have a very positive effect on their growth.

VIDIYO - Building Toy
VIDIYO – Building Toy

4 Steps to Enjoy LEGO VIDIYO Platform :

Step 1: Choose your music

Choose your music! Pick your favourite tracks from Universal Music Group’s huge library of chart-toppers and ultimate classics. With such a wide selection to choose from, you can be sure there’s a tune for everyone’s tastes – from toddlers to great-grandparents!

Step 2: Select your effects

Select your effects! Click your BeatBits onto the scanning stage! BeatBits are decorated 2×2 square LEGO elements which unlock special digital effects that let you control EVERYTHING… from video and music styles, to visual and audio effects, to hilarious character moves!

Step 3: Pick a location

Pick a location! In just one… two… three seconds, kids can set the stage (literally) for their music videos! From parks to bedrooms to backyards to custom-built brick arenas (we especially like these ones), the possibilities are truly endless.

Step 4: Shoot your scene

Shoot your scene! Finally, control the action, the music and the BeatBit effects for an incredible 60-second performance, which can be saved locally to show your friends and family, or trimmed and safely shared on a fully-moderated, kid-safe social feed!


LEGO’s VIDIYO is all set to launch from March 1st and shows potential to enter the contending market alongside competitors like TikTok. It has similar features to other video-making apps in the market with its own unique Lego features.

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