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Latest OTT Releases: Spiderhead, She Season 2, Masoom and More to Watch This Weekend

We’ve curated the list of the latest OTT releases for you to watch comfortably at your home at your own pace.

Latest OTT Releases She Season 2

Scared to go out in the heat of June but don’t want to spend a boring weekend? We’ve got your back as we’ve curated the list of the latest OTT releases for you to watch comfortably at your home at your own pace.

Spiderhead, She Season 2, and Saukan Saukne are some of the releases that constitute the list. Invite some of your friends or family to enjoy the movie nights.

So, get the popcorn, and drinks and let the watching spree begin!

1. Spiderhead (Netflix)

Inmates wear a surgically connected gadget that dispenses quantities of mind-altering medications in return for commuted sentences in a state-of-the-art jail controlled by bright visionary Steve Abnesti. There are no bars, cells, or orange jumpsuits to be found. Prison volunteers in Spiderhead are free to be themselves. Until they aren’t.When two subjects, Jeff and Lizzy, build a bond, their route to redemption becomes more complicated, as Abnesti’s experiments begin to test the boundaries of free will entirely. Watch this Chris Hemsworth starrer thriller to make your weekends fun.

Release Date- 17 June 2022

2. She Season 2 (Netflix)

In the second season of Imtiaz Ali’s criminal drama, Aaditi Pohankar reprises her daring role as Bhumika Pardeshi aka Bhumi, the cop who goes undercover as a sex prostitute to uncover truths. She also finds a new aspect of her personality as a result of the encounter.

Release Date- 17 June 2022

3. Masoom (Disney+ Hotstar)

Masoom is the Indian version of the famous Irish television series Blood. Bomman Irani makes his series debut in this one. Sophie Petzal developed the original, which featured Carolina Main and Adrian Dunbar. It was about familial relationships, memories, and the influence of the past on the present. The plot of this thriller mystery series revolves around a daughter’s investigation into her mother’s murder. Her father does not leave smelling like flowers. Her family’s history is cloaked in deception.

Release Date- 17 June 2022

4. Fingertip Season 2 (Zee5)

The new season’s plot centres around the lives of six people who are influenced in some manner by the digital realm. The linking tale demonstrates how the characters cross paths. Some are predators, while others are victims of cybercrime or digital despair. It’s designed to be a crime thriller.

Release Date- 17 June 2022

5. Recce (Zee5)

Recce is a riveting period drama set in the 1990s. The programme follows the lives of a sub-inspector assigned to solve a murder investigation. As he investigates the truth, he discovers various dark secrets shared by two warring political dynasties.

Release Date- 17 June 2022

6. Suzhal: The Vortex (Amazon Prime)

It is one of the most significant Tamil digital releases of all time, with a global debut in more than 30 Indian and other languages. This web series is set in a tiny hamlet in South India and is a crime thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you glued to your seat. Suzhal: The Vortex, which centres on a unique micro-festival, stars Aishwarya Rajesh and Kathir.

Release Date- 16 June 2022

7. Salt City (Sony Liv)

The Bajpais, who were formerly a close-knit happy family, are now at odds with one another. Salt City, Sony Liv’s new programme, digs into the complexity of relationships within the Bajpai family. The show follows them on their journey through the past, a difficult present, and a bright future. The plot revolves around the growth of this intricate relationship equation and its consequences.

Release Date- 16 June 2022

8. Saukan Saukne (Amazon Prime)

Despite being married for ten years, Nirmal and Sibo have no children. Sibo goes on a journey to locate a suitable companion for her husband, much to his chagrin, as Nirmal’s family insists on Nirmal’s second marriage. Sibo ultimately convinces Nirmal to marry her sister, Kirna, after several futile efforts. Nasibo compels and manipulates Nirmal to attend the wedding, believing that it will be simpler for her to control things with her sister as her saukan.

Release Date- 16 June 2022

9. Collision (Netflix)

A crooked businessman and his socialite wife race against the clock to save their daughter from an infamous crime boss on one fateful day.

Release Date- 16 June 2022

10. Halftime (Netflix)

Halftime, a new Netflix documentary based on the life of worldwide phenomenon Jennifer Lopez, shows the singing diva reflecting on her complex career and life in the limelight.

Release Date- 14 June 2022

11. Jayeshbhai Jordar (Amazon Prime)

Jayeshbhai Jordar, starring Ranveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, Boman Irani, and Ratna Pathak Shah, is an anti-patriarchal film. The plot revolves around Jayeshbhai, the son of a Gujarati village Sarpanch who dedicates his heart and soul to preserving his unborn female child. Jayeshbhai Jordar spreads the societal message of ending female infanticide.

Release Date- 10 June 2022

12. Don (Netflix)

The plot revolves around a stentorian father and his wastrel son, who lacks ambition. He is up against an equally challenging lecturer in college. The major plot arc is how the good-for-nothing son/student turns a fresh leaf. The final half-hour of the film was a poignant journey between father and son. A perfect lighthearted watch for the weekend.

Release Date- 10 June 2022

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