Kit your kitchen with designer ‘cookware’ this Diwali

If you are looking for new kitchenware option this festive season you might be considering buying an expensive designer cookware for your kitchen. As you go through many different catalogs and join many discussions you might come to the point of having no idea what is better and what is worse. Everyone has their own opinion, therefore, it is important to keep your ideas clear. Let’s look through a few branded options to ‘Kit your Kitchen’ out with everything you need to make delightful dishes, with the help of our excellent cookware range.

Pressure Handis from Prestige

From the house of prestige, these cookers come in a unique shape that of a traditional handi, perfect for Indian cooking. The uniquely designed shape helps retain the rich flavors of the food making every meal unforgettable. It falls in a prices range of approx. Rs.1000

Hawkins Futura Breakfast Pan

With a round bottom and two short handles, it is best fit for stir-frying. This Breakfast Pan with 0.9 liter capacity, priced at just Rs. 775 is ideal for the quick cooking of a variety of Indian and western breakfast dishes.

Vinod, Tall Belly Casserole

Preparing vegetable stock or delicious soups is not a tough task anymore with a tall belly casserole from Vinod. Made from stainless steel, this casserole features a tempered glass lid with an excellent finish and is easy to clean. Priced at just Rs. 500, comes in a silver color for that royal feel.

Sanjeev Kapoor Gas Oven Tandoor

Instead of going for a bulky electric oven that occupies excess space and increases the electricity bill, you can opt for Gas oven tandoor as it is easy to store away and does not need electricity. This product can be brought just at Rs. 4500.

Philips Table Barbeque Grill

It’s ideal for a quick grill party. Accompanied by a spatula for stirring, flipping and removing food, this grill also has dishwasher-safe parts that make cleaning it easy. Plus, it doesn’t occupy much space when not in use as it can be stored in an upright position. Priced at Rs. 5500, the season is right and the barbies are waiting, so get along and own one!

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Written by Vartika Manasvi

Vartika is a marketing evangelist with 5 years of experience in different facets of PR, Advertising, Events, Branding, and Corporate Communications. A peerless commoner, curator & digital enthusiast now experimenting with products & solutions for Telecom Operators.

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