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Kerala Wedding Jewellery: Traditional Pieces Used by Hindu Couples

The city of Kerala earned its nickname ‘God’s own country’ because of its pristine sandy beaches, picturesque views of blue hills, and lush rainforests. Locals are also known for living a simple life and having a down to earth attitude.

Even the royals opted to avoid living in opulent palaces. But they still love to dress up a bit during special occasions such as weddings. Both the rich and the poor own at least one Kasavu mound or Settu sari outfit to wear for such events.

While they prefer wearing gold to accessorize their wardrobes, they still look for the best diamond jewellery in Kerala to complete their look. Yet, no matter what metal they choose to use for their exceptional occasion jewellery, they still adhere to these traditional Kerala jewellery designs to incorporate the beauty of their city in their wardrobe. 

Jewellery For the Brides

One of the must-haves for any Hindu bride is the traditional Indian hair ornament called the maang tikka, also known as the netti chutti. They have the option of using a simple maang tikka with one chain or the more elaborate ones with multiple chains to outline the forehead and frame the bride’s face.

Most of these traditional Indian hair ornaments have precious gems attached to it, like emeralds or rubies. It may also turn into the best diamond jewellery in Kerala by surrounding it with lots of sparkly stones. For a more contemporary design, modern brides prefer using uncut diamonds for their maang tikka.  

The jadanagam is another traditional bridal hair ornament that Kerala brides adapted from neighbouring states. Brides wear this hair accessory typically on top of a neatly plaited hair braid. Meanwhile, Muslim brides in India use the jhoomar, a pretty Mughal-inspired hair ornament attached on one side of the head. 

Aside from hair ornaments, brides in Kerala usually wear a pair of earrings called jhimkis or jhumkas. These bell-shaped earrings come in different sizes and designs.

Like the maang tikka, these earrings have gems or diamond embellishments. Yet the Thirumangalyam, also known as the Thali, is the most crucial piece of wedding jewellery in this part of India.

The groom attaches this leaf-shaped jewellery to the bride’s neck during the wedding ceremony. All religious groups in the city have their designs for this type of jewellery. 

Traditional Kerala Wedding Rings

While Christians living in Kerala frequently exchange rings during the wedding ceremony, other religious groups exchange rings during the engagement ceremony called the Mothiram Mattal.

Based on Hindu wedding traditions, the families of the couple need to agree to conduct this special event. The groom’s parents and some of his relatives will join him during a visit to the bride’s house.

Aside from the ring, the bride will also receive her horoscope given by the groom’s father to her uncle. The turnover will happen in front of a Nilavilakku, or the traditional Kerala oil lamp made from bell metal. 

Most couples choose diamond rings for engagement. Then they opt to use gold rings during the ceremony. The golden rings usually have the name of the spouse embossed on the inside. Aside from gold and diamonds, rings made from platinum bands start to gain popularity among modern couples.  

These are just some of the few traditional pieces of jewellery used by couples in Kerala for their wedding festivities. Each couple in this city would break away from usual simple get-up to showcase their colourful customs. Each jewellery piece follows Hindu traditions, so expect to see the intricate beauty of the country in every jewellery. 

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