Kenny Sebastian, The Heartthrob Of Millions

Kenny Sebastian, 25, with a YouTube following of over 600K, is a sensation! He has been making videos on YouTube for the past 8 years now. He’s been creating quite a buzz with his stand-up comedy and is known to be a man of many talents. When I first saw Kenny perform, I was completely smitten by his impeccable timing as a comedian and his charm that doesn’t just let one look away while he speaks. This guy talks like he knows his shit and that is what will first make you tilt all your attention towards him. While going through his archive (because of my obsessive stalking :P), I happen to come across something that blew my mind away. He is a man of may talents. Read on..

Kenny sings for himself

This comedian considers himself an artist before a comedian. He enjoys singing and concocting insane lyrics with a great beat. If you don’t already follow it, he has a twitter handle called #KennySings4Me where he tries and develops a song within the same day when someone tags him on it. Isn’t that

A perfect relationship advisor

Sebastian compares the Indian girlfriend to a covert Russian spy as she always has to be overtly careful when she is out with her boyfriend because her family knows otherwise. Sebastian also explains that it is never a good idea to make your girlfriend jealous, because if you are proud that one girl has flirted with you, do realise there are several men who flirt with your girlfriend on a daily basis. The hilarious sketch also has Sebastian explaining that how as a guy, he finds it difficult to say sorry whereas girls have a ‘bank of sorrys’ with them.

He takes time off comedy to become more hilarious

Every 2-3 years, he takes one month off his tours and gigs to go to an improv school in New York to work on his art. It obviously helps him keep abreast of the new exercises and routines to change his perspective. It also gives him first hand exchange of ideas and feedback from people that are beyond his usual scope of friends. How grounded is this guy? * drools *

A man of few colours

Kenny insists that he is colour blind, so took him a while to come to grasps with it. Especially because he has an art degree and wanted to appreciate paintings (and thus, sound fancy and sophisticated). Isn’t that called being brutally honest?

The top three loves of his life

There are few things Kenny loves in life so if he has to prioritise it would be his dog, followed by chai and T-shirts. He thinks shirts are really stuffy and that dogs are better than people sometimes. In fact, he would rather have chai with a dog over some people he has met.

He can really be a geek

Keeny considers himself a geek and recently collaborated with a few friends to create 3 South Indian Boys in Space— a satirical spoof on all space movies with a ridiculous South Indian twist. He absolutely loves making these episodes because it makes him realise that even though he can’t speak Malayalam very well, he can definitely be as ‘mallu’ [Malayali] as the next person with a devotion to Kamal Hassan!

He is fiercely grounded

In a series of performances namedA door through a window (what?!), stand-up artist Kenny Sebastian adds humour to our beloved childhood memories.

And just when you thought, this was all that he could do, there was more. He is also an artist.check

And a sculptor.

This comedian has got many faces indeed!

What do you think?

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