Karan Johar Reacts To Hardik Pandya And KL Rahul Controversy

Karan Johar has finally broken his silence on Hardik Pandya And KL Rahul Controversy. Hardik’s misogynistic comments about women in Koffee with Karan Season 6’s infamous episode got the cricketer in all sorts of trouble after public outrage. Hardik boasted about the women he slept with and his way of bragging about it didn’t go down too well with almost everyone. As a result, the show got pulled down from the online streaming platform. Hardik and KL also got suspended by BCCI and the investigation is still going on.

Karan Johar has now spoken about the issue. In an interaction with ET Now, Karan said that he feels responsible as it was his show and his platform. He also went on to reveal that as a result of the controversy he had many sleepless nights. Karan said that the whole controversy has gone into that zone where no one would listen to him.

He said, “I have to say that I feel very responsible because it was my show, it was my platform. I invited them as guests and so the ramifications and repercussion of the show are my responsibility. I have had so many so many sleepless nights just wondering about how I can undo this damage, who is gonna listen to me. It’s now gone into a zone which is beyond my control.”

He added, “I have to say and I don’t defend myself when I say this. I have to say that the questions that I asked the two boys are the questions I ask everyone including women. Deepika (Padukone) and Alia (Bhatt) were on the show, I asked them those questions. I have no control about the answers that come my way.”

Karan also went on to reveal l that his show is run entirely by women and none of them said that it was inappropriate, admitting that he didn’t think about what was happening.

Talking about what happened with the career of the cricketers, he said, “The filmmaker also revealed that his show is run entirely by women and none of them came up to him and said that it was inappropriate, admitting that he didn’t think about what was happening.”

Karan, however, said that he was not justifying the conversation.

In his own words,  “I am just saying is that I think that perhaps things were said that may have crossed boundaries and I apologize because it was my platform from where it happened. I feel the boys have faced the price for it already.”

He, soon faced backlash anyway because people thought it was too late to apologize and he should have been more responsible since the beginning.


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