Kangana Ranaut Talks About How Things Have Changed In Bollywood After #MeToo

Kangana Ranaut is busy promoting her movie Manikarnika which is slated to release on 25 January. She would be seen portraying the character of the Rani of Jhansi- Laxmi Bai. The actor has been giving a lot of interviews lately where she has been talking about the movie, Karni Sena’s protest against the movie and also the #metoo movement that started in India last year.

In an interview with Indian Express, Kangana shared her views on the movement and the names being called out. Kangana acknowledges the need for changes in the industry. She also noted that it is commendable that some of the names of these sexual abusers are out and criminal proceedings are going against them.

Kangana said, “But the good thing is that in the light of all of this people have become absolutely cautious of their behaviour, their conduct, and obviously a person will think 10 times before humiliating anyone and violating their human rights.”

In another interview to PTI, Kangana said she has also been harassed by the actors on the sets. However, she told that her experience didn’t fall under #metoo as it wasn’t sexual but she was harassed nonetheless and the experience was daunting and humiliating.

As per Kangana, “Harassment happens on many levels. So many times on sets, I wasn’t sexually harassed, but some people had ego issues. I was harassed on many other fronts. It wouldn’t come under #MeToo but it was still harassment,”

Giving more details, Kangana told that she faced harassment in terms of making her wait for long hours to dubbing her voice without her consent.

In her own words, Kangana said, “Making me wait on set for six hours, willingly giving me wrong call time to make me stand, always giving me the wrong set of dates so I’m missing out on opportunities and then cancelling the schedule last minute by these heroes.”

She further added, Ganging up on me and not inviting me to film events, launching trailers without me and then someone else dubbed for me without even telling me, which is violating the basic right of taking permission from an actor,”

Kangana also noted that the movement has made people scared and women no more need to be afraid to raise their voices.

“People are scared, obviously and they should be. Men are scared in the industry. This isn’t going to stop. This will continue till we really go into the root cause of it because essentially it’s a patriarchal society which is extremely chauvinistic,” said Kangana.

“We need to come to a point where they are scared. All the talks of ‘what if women lose work’ should stop. I believe there’s no life without dignity. You shouldn’t worry about raising your voice,” she added.

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