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Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Review

Johnson & Johnson Daily massage Baby Oil is an essential part of baby care. Apart from stimulating growth, massage also helps in nurturing that special bond you share with her. However, just like everything else, it’s important to choose the right massage oil. Using ordinary vegetable oil or cooking oils is not advisable on baby’s delicate skin. Look for massage oil that is gentle and mild.

How to Use

To give your baby silky soft skin, gently massage JOHNSON’S Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E all over your baby’s body. Baby massage can be a relaxing, bonding experience for you and your baby.

When to Use

Use JOHNSON Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E after your baby’s bath, for a gentle massage, or anytime your baby has dry skin.


I am using this product from last 10 months for my baby boy, I am 100% satisfied. Initially I was using normal coconut oil but it affects on my baby’s delicate skin and he got rashes on his skin. My doctor advised me to use Johnson’s baby natural massage oil and works fantastically.

My baby is now 12 months and any one can see his tremendous improvement, he started walking when he completed 10 months. This is because proper massage with natural Johnson’s baby oil. Daily massage helps babies grow. For the better development of baby I would suggest you to do massage twice a day. If you are massaging your baby before the bath there would be 2 hours gap between oil massage and bath for good absorption.

Size 100ml

Price Rs 99

You can get this product in reputed medicine shop or in any super market.

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