Janhvi Kapoor On Nepotism: The Debate Did Make Me Question If I Deserved To Be In This Position

It takes character to go against the tide and Janhvi Kapoor definitely fits the bill. The young actor who made her Bollywood debut with Dhadak, recently spoke about the debate on nepotism. In a recent interview to Cosmopolitan, she told that the debate indeed made her question whether she deserved to be in this position. She also acknowledged that she came from a place of privilege.

Janhvi says, “The whole nepotism debate (when I was making my debut in Dhadak) did make me question if I deserved to be in this position and I realized that the right answer to it is that I’m not. I do come from a place of privilege. But I have it, so what am I supposed to do now? I’d be the dumbest person on the planet if I didn’t do anything about it. So I need to ensure that I make the best of it and push myself to work as hard as I can…only then can I justify that I’m worthy.”

She also talked about the pressure of being in constant limelight that comes from stardom and how paparazzi is always circling her like a hawk.

“It’s a price that all of us have to pay. I think it’s so flattering that people would even give me enough attention to know about my private life. I can’t crib about it, I am not in that position. Plus, people wanting to know about you also comes from a place of love. So you just have to balance it; it’s your responsibility. And honestly, I want this too much to complain about anything,”, Janhvi said.

When she was further asked if it gets too difficult to constantly maintain a public persona.

Janhvi said, “I guess, it does. At any given point of time, people are always telling you how they want you to be, or how you should behave. But, to me, what’s most important is to ensure I don’t lose my fabric and preserve that sense of self.”

She adds”I just had to better myself, in terms of my skill set. I don’t think anything matters other than your work. Although there is a lot of judgment out there, sometimes, I get petrified thinking about it, but I’m just trying to keep it together and stick to who I am,” added Janhvi.

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