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International Cat Day: 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You are a Cat Lover

International Cat Day is celebrated on 8th August every year and here is how you can celebrate it if you don’t have a cat.

International Cat Day
Source: Instagram/@hosico_cat

Is there anything more adorable and relaxing than watching a couple of pet videos on Instagram? And the level of cuteness is elevated if those videos are of a cat! Those small furry creatures brighten up our day with just their glimpse. And these cute soft creatures deserve a day only dedicated to them.

International Cat Day is celebrated on 8th August every year and here is how you can celebrate it if you don’t have a cat. At least once in their life, everybody wants to keep a pet cat, and some do and share the love through videos to those in dire need of them. Are you one of those cat lovers who can’t adopt a cat right now due to various reasons? Then, this story is for you. We bring to you the ten most cute Instagram cat pages from Instagram. Make way for the stars!

The Furry Origin Story of the International Cat Day:

Every year on August 8th, International Cat Day is commemorated to promote awareness of cats and the various ways in which we can assist and protect them. The International Fund for Animal Welfare established it in 2002. International Cat Day has been handed over to International Cat Care, a non-profit British organization that has been working to promote the health and well-being of domestic cats throughout the world since 1958.

10 Instagram accounts to follow for the cutest content:

1. @sukiicat

With 1.9 million followers, Canadian Bengal Sukii is living her life as a traveller. An avid hiker, water baby, and snow lover, this three-year-old baby loves basking on the beaches of Mexico and roaming in Slovenia. Follow her on her excursions in the wide outdoors for some stunning photos and a stunning kitty.

2. @smoothiethecat

This British Longhair, located in the Netherlands, was named the world’s most photogenic cat in 2016. Smoothie has a strong similarity to the movie character Puss in Boots, with her beautiful green eyes and cream and caramel coat. If you love fluffy cats, you ought to join her 2.2 million fans on Instagram.

3. @aurorapurr

Deemed as the world’s most royal cat, Princess Aurora is a royal Blue Bicolor Ragdoll who lives in her kingdom in Sweden. Her name is inspired by Aurora, a character in the Disney film “The Sleeping Beauty”. Follow her glamorous life and see her wearing the flower crowns.

4. @venustwofacecat

With her lovely two-toned face, this ten-year-old tabby has won hearts all over the world. Her unusual markings are the result of two fertilized eggs mingling together, making her a “chimera” cat. She is the symbol of the self-love movement and encourages everyone to love their flaws. Follow for some unique content with a voice for empowerment.


Maple is a gorgeous curious cat who loves squeezing into tight spots and can be spotted wearing special occasion outfits like Santa hats, bunny ears, etc. With a sweeter-than-syrup demeanor, this British Shorthair boy will make you wish you could hug him via your phone screen.

6. @hosico_cat

This fluffy cheeked sweetie pie will brighten your day with his bemused and lovely expressions. With a knack for fitting into small things, this curious cat’s mischievous and sweet tricks will make your day.

7. @realgrumpycat

Follow the adventures of the cat kingdom’s most renowned online star with 2.4 million followers and the world’s grumpiest cat. Tardar Sauce is her true name, but we all know and adore her as Grumpy Cat.

8. @jamesandmya

With their beautiful green eyes, James and Mya are two stunning Russian Blue cats that know how to put on a show. To view the happiest kitties you’ve ever seen, run to their Instagram page.

9. @albertbabycat

What better than seeing your favorite pet in your favorite tv show’s character’s outfit? Known for his outfits, Albert Baby Cat is a cute blue-eyed kitten with a munchkin shape that enjoys dressing up in costumes from popular TV shows and movies.

10. @sis.twins

Born on 11 November 2015, these sister cats will make your blues go away. Iriss and Abyss’s heterochromatic eyes will be enough to captivate you into following their feed. They’re frequent travellers and their Instagram page shows them posing all around the world. If you love watching rare breeds of cats, then you should follow their page.

Step aside human celebrity influencers because the hottest and the most endearing Instagram cat accounts are here to take your spot! Is there such a thing as following too many cats on Instagram? We don’t think so! So go and get your dose of furry happiness from all over the world.

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