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5 Ideas for Interior Design in the Grand Millennium Style

Grand millennial style is the most popular interior trend for most twenty- and early-thirty-something’s in 2022. It’s constructing a home with traditional décor, a serene mood, and embroidered pillows from your grandmother.

5 Ideas for Interior Design in the Grand Millennium Style

When you think of a millennia’s house, you probably think of neutral colours, IKEA furniture, lots of indoor plants, squiggly-wiggly geometric designs, and wall arts, and a trendy mid-century modern chair. So when someone says your house reminds them of their grandmother’s, it’s not exactly a compliment.

However, the Grand millennial style is the most popular interior trend for most twenty and early-thirty something’s in 2022. It’s constructing a home with traditional décor, a serene mood, and embroidered pillows from your grandmother.

embroidered pillows
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What exactly is Grand Millennial Style?

Your grandmother’s décor, modernized. That is the essence of grand millennial interior design. Consider a room with clashing patterns and floral walls, exquisite dinnerware, and embroidered pillows. This interior design trend is the polar opposite of the minimalist and contemporary forms that have been popular in recent decades.

Individuality is, indeed, at the heart of this tendency. The goal, like with the previous project, is to infuse your tastes into the area by using a lot of personal things and dramatic design decisions. Thus, vintage armchairs and tables are combined with outlandish vintage decor items such as a goat’s head and a record player. Trends are cyclical, and even fads you never imagined you’d see again (fanny packs, for example) can return decades later.

vintage decor items
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Classic prints like toile, chintz, and plaid are widely featured on curtains, furniture, and wall coverings in grand millennial designs. Ruffles, pleats, and fringe are also seeing a revival in popularity. Heirloom furniture made of dark stained woods such as walnut and cherry adds a sense of heritage to these rooms, while abstract art or metallic accents assist to refresh and modernize the look.

metallic accents items
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“A sense of juxtaposition is at the heart of this emerging design style that sits midway between minimalism and maximalism,” explains interior designer Stefani Stein. “For an organic, relaxed feel, Stein recommends an earthy colour palette of rich hues. Traditional elements on upholstery and cushions, such as tape, trim, or tassels, are used in monochromatic or comparable color combinations.”

A well-edited design is essential for achieving the grand colour millennial aesthetic in a way that is ageless rather than archaic. To avoid an overly cluttered look, be judicious with your accessorizing. Select materials with vivid patterns, but keep the colour palette tight and constant so the look is layered and comfortable rather than chaotic. Above all, decorate with items that you enjoy.

“I believe this style is so popular because it’s just so much fun and full of personality,” says interior designer Nancy Charbonneau. “It allows you to make design decisions and create an environment that isn’t sterile or cookie-cutter. This huge style pushes you to be unique, which I believe, especially in this day and age, appeals to a wide range of people.”

vintage decor home room
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Here’s a list of five ideas for interior design in the Grand Millennium Style:

1. Collections

Grand Millennium Style collections

Consider being in your grandparents’ home, regardless of your age. I’m sure there were some collections. Glass of milk, sea glass, a specific china pattern, Figurines Crystal etc. Some of these pieces are stashed away somewhere! Bringing back and showcasing your collections is one way to up the ante on your decor and add grand millennial touches.

2. Floral wallpapers

Grand Millennium Style Floral wallpapers

Floral wallpaper and prints should be used. Floral wallpapers and designs are one of the décor styles that are making a comeback. When coupled with the proper lighting and furnishings, it offers a beautiful and feminine touch to your house.

3. Choose patterned upholstery

Grand Millennium Style patterned upholstery

Choose designs that are both cosy and vibrant. To obtain a bright and modern Grand millennial appearance, choose vivid and vibrant objects.

4. Mix & match old and new furniture

Grand Millennium Style Mix & match old and new furniture

It’s all about finding the proper balance and the right combination of old and new pieces to make your home look fresh and contemporary. It could be can furniture, like rattan and wicker, coupled with reupholstered vintage items in a light colour palette.

5. Add Contemporary Elements and Hardware

Grand Millennium Style Contemporary Elements and Hardware

Bronze or silver door handles, hinges, frames, and light fixtures will provide a modern touch to your property. Finally, by carefully situating furniture and you may declutter the room. The Grand millennial design aesthetic is all about building a home that is both timeless and modern.

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Written by Srajati

Srajati is from an Architectural background with a bundle of nerves. She finds peace in writing down her thoughts, travelling, and spending time holed up with a good book.

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