India’s Pride: Garima Arora to be the first Indian woman chef to have won the Michelin Star

Chef Garima Arora who became the first Indian woman to bag a Michelin Star, lives the dream. Eccentric about celebrating her victory by converting her restaurant bar into a beer pong table, Garima certainly has a lot to render in life yet.

The fleeting feeling of receiving the star hasn’t yet sunk into Garima. It was just like any other day for her, sitting together with her colleagues, pairing wine and food when she received the call. “The moment was poetical” describes Garima in one of her interviews.

Choosing this career was never easy for her. Its all the hard work and the passion that brought her where she is today. Right from the very beginning she had dreamt of this and was determined to follow it as a job. It is different being a woman in the kitchen than a man, but Garima never felt the difference. She is eternally thankful that she was coached under those great chefs who always made sure that women are included and made them feel welcomed in the kitchen.

Garima’s life in GAA is as vibrant as its kitchen culture. The food reflects the varied connection between India and Thailand. That’s what Garima is! GAA is a little bit of both the countries. Her day at the restaurant starts between 10am to 12 noon everyday with a Cardi B song playing in the background and dodging in between courses Garima realizes that starting a restaurant does means just cooking.

Garima’s early life was spent in Mumbai devouring the exotic food and the healthy dose of Bollywood. Before chasing her dreams she studied at Jai Hind College and worked as a journalist for a brief period of time. She has also shared her skills with renowned names like Rene Redzepi, Gordon Ramsey and Gaggan Anand before she opened her restaurant in 2017. Garima’s dream is to do something in her own country. Its where the feeling of belongingness exists. Maybe in near future India Arora will do proud to the nation again and not just by winning a star this time.

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Written by Bhakti D

Bhakti is a dedicated full-time certified yoga instructor and follows yogic teachings as a way of life rather than a fitness goal. Yoga has helped her lead stress-free life for herself as well as has a calming influence on the family. After she realized the goodness of Yoga, she decided to pursue Yoga more seriously by building on Yoga related competencies. She has done a number of classrooms as well as one to one teaching sessions in Mumbai, helping her clientele achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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