In Video: John Abraham Reacts Sharply To Kangana Ranaut’s Comment That Actors Should Make Political Statements

Kangana Ranaut has been basking in the success of her movie Manikarnika. Off late, Kangana has been on a different spree, giving interviews and statements against Bollywood. The actress even called out a lot of people like Alia Bhatt, Meghna Gulzar for not promoting her movie. Recently, Kangana took even more names from Bollywood and called them out for not making political statements.

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At the trailer launch of Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) in Mumbai, actor John Abraham was asked about Kangana Ranaut’s statement that actors should make political statements. To which he said that that one shouldn’t make political statements only to trend and to make a statement, awareness is important.

He said,

“If they are politically aware, then I think Kangana definitely is (right). She has got a voice and I think you must take a stand if you are politically aware. “

He further added,

“You shouldn’t be like I say ‘stupidly talented’. You cannot be an idiot who doesn’t know anything about which countries lie where and what’s happening. If you don’t know what’s happening in Bihar to Syria then you should just shut up and smile and show your mug that you have done so much work on. Don’t talk.”

“So unless you are aware about what’s happening then only make a statement. If you are not aware, don’t make a statement. I think everybody here sitting who made this film on this bench here, everybody is, in my view I think we are all politically aware. We understand what’s happening. Of course, we have shot the film a lot in Kashmir. So we know what is happening there and we know what the grassroots and ground roots problems are there. So we understand what’s happening there. So when you know a situation, you can make a statement. But again, making a statement at the right time is important. Not making a statement for effect, not making a statement to trend. So I am not in the business of trending. I don’t want to trend. It’s good to show good films, educate your audience and move on with life.”

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