How You Can Make Crispy Dosa, The Secret Ingredient

Dosa is one of the common foods found all over India. Dosas are enjoyed most when they are crispy and brown. People are seen enjoying this delicacy at fast food stalls. But somehow homemade dosas don’t turn out crispy like those served at these food stalls. Your family members remain unsatisfied and your labour comes to nought. But now you can put your worries to rest for below are some secrets to help you make the dosa crispy at home. It is time to earn praise by churning out some delicious crispy dosas.How to make dosa crispy

For the batter if you are taking 1 cup rice with 1 cup urad dal, add ½ cup chana dal and another ½ cup of mung dal to the mixture. These dals (lentils) help in giving the dosa its crispiness. You can also add fenugreek seeds (methi dana) to the mixture before grinding it. Take a non-stick tawa and put on low heat. Spread oil it with the help of a sliced onion as it enhances the non-stickiness of the tawa. Spread oil around the edges of the dosa so that it seeps towards the centre. Keep the tawa on low fire till the spread batter turns golden brown around the edges. Roll the dosa carefully as the edges turn golden brown. Flipping the dosa might break it. It needs practice.

Once you are confident about how to make the plain dosa crispy, you can step up to the next level of experimenting with the variations of dosas. Try making paper dosa, palak dosa, methi dosa or use any other ingredients of your choice. Give free vent to the creative side of your mind!

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