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How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

We have compiled a list of 3 productivity hacks which would help you to stay in track while working from home.

Stay Productive While Working From Home

Working from home is a blessing, it indeed is! It saves you all the time you otherwise spend to commute to and fro from office and getting ready in the morning. In India, not every company provide ‘work from home’ but the trend is catching up. So, if you also happen to work from home, you know that sometimes, it becomes an uphill task to stay focused at the work in hand, amid the comfort of home.

The flipside of working at home is that there are many distractions, which may tempt you to procrastinate your work. Don’t you sometimes feel like watching a Netflix show in the middle of the work, or taking a walk to the nearby grocery store to stock up on some snacks or just catching up on some sleep?

That’s why we have compiled a list of 3 productivity hacks which would help you to stay in track while working from home.

Get Out Of The House

I know, you might just be shocked reading this. The first productivity hack for working at home is getting out of it? That seems bizarre. But have you realized that ‘working from home’ doesn’t mean you really have to work from ‘home’. It is just a phrase for ‘not having to work from office’. What I am trying to say it that you can work from anywhere. Grab your laptop and head to the nearest park, cafe, library or garden. It could be any place of your liking. Not only would you feel happier, your productivity and creativity would also shoot up considerably.

Prioritize your to-do list

When it comes and to-do lists, most people just shrug it off, considering it useless. But what they forget is that they didn’t prioritize their to-do list. Simply making a to-do list won’t help. Prioritize your work in a way that makes sense to you and at the end of the way, you would be able to get atleast the most important things done.

Don’t underestimate the power of waking up early

Even if you don’t have to get ready for office, it doesn’t mean you can sleep till noon. Wake up early and start your day on a positive note and start working at the same time you would have otherwise started your commute for office. This makes sure that you are able to finish a substantial proportion of your work by noon and by the evening you would be able to call it a day early. This would help you to rather make use of your time that you save by working from home and not waste it by sleeping till noon.

Use a reward system

Incentives do work and who says you can’t entice yourself with incentives and rewards. You sure can! For every task you do, promise yourself a reward, like a small snack or a piece of chocolate, or maybe little time to stretch or to play with your pet dog.

What is your favorite productivity hack while working from home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Written by Shubhi Singh

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