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How To Shop Like A Pro During This Sale Season

Sale season is upon us! It can be quite overwhelming with discount frenzy trying to get you to shop anything and everything. It is easy to lose the sense of who you are when the sale season comes waltzing in. You might end up buying a pencil heel when you are not really a person who likes to wear something that uncomfortable. With almost 50% off on everything, we all tend to shop for things that are of little or no use to us. When the sale season kicks in, people do rush since best products run out of stock in a matter of a day or two, if on discount. People also hold off their significant purchases until the sales arrive. This only means one thing- It is a battlefield out there and you need to be prepared while at the same time, keep a close watch on what you are purchasing so that you don’t end up wasting money. Here are our tips on how to shop like a pro this sale season.

Don’t be tempted by the discount

How many times have you bought something on discount only to dump it in some corner of your wardrobe and never use it? It is not a bargain if it is going to stay in a corner unused, eating dust. It is only human to be tempted by discount and buy a shoe that is too tight or a dress which looks like the real deal but you actually don’t need it. No matter how much discount the brands offer, don’t get seduced by them to spend unnecessarily.
WSL Tips- Hypothetically imagine that the discounted price of the product is its actual price. Now, would you buy it? If not, don’t buy it even at discounted price. This process eliminates most of the useless items from your shopping bag. Don’t let discount make you spend on items which you otherwise wouldn’t!

Take your social calendar into account

Think about what all you are going to need in near future. You may have a wedding to attend to, or a birthday or both. It would save you from the last minute panic of buying something in a jiffy. When the event actually rolls, you won’t have to buy something double the price.

Inspect the quality

It so happens that sometimes we don’t check the quality of the product. We forgot to inspect due to all the excitement surrounding the discount. During sale season, you have more chances of laying your hands on products which have certain defects. I might as well warn you that most of the items on sale are non-returnable or at best they can be exchanged for a different size (that too, if available). So basically, you have higher chances of them not being exchanged because good products run out of common sizes fast. Do ask if you can return them or exchange them if need be. Also, ask if the exchange is only for a different size or a different product altogether.

Avoid ill fitting items

How many times have you bought some ill-fitting heels that ended up giving you shoe bites? The point is not to buy anything that is not your size. The discount may seem overwhelming but ill fitted items have more chances of sitting at the back of your wardrobe unused.

Don’t Rush

One thing that nobody tells you is not to rush during discount season. Don’t visit a store if you don’t have much time in hand. You would only end up buying something that you don’t need. Always take out a little more time for the sale shipping so that you have enough time to take the right call regarding your purchases.

Make a list

As cliched as it may sound, you really should come up with a list, if you want to get maximum benefit out of the sale season. To do it, you really need to look at the gaps in your wardrobe. Check out our article on wardrobe essentials to know more. The point is, if you make a list, you would know what all you need and when in future when you actually need, you won’t end up making a lousy purchase in a jiffy.
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Written by Shubhi Singh

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